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Cannot start the game with mods

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I am kinda confused how small patch can completely destroy all mod support. I can't start my save game file because now suddenly most/all/some mods wont let my start my game.


Steps to Reproduce

It happends when i start the game. I would like to go back to my 60+ hours modded world please. 


User Feedback

It seems like the "Mod Manager" mod is crashing (at least that's the first one in the crash text). You could disable that mod, you could wait until the mod is updated or you could try contacting the mod author in steam workshop to mention their mod is crashing.

Edit: Be aware that "Mod Manager" mod is currently in closed paid beta for patrons only, like it is mentioned in the comments section of the mod's steam page

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Changed Status to Closed

We updated the Steamworks SDK which Mod Manager uses so it will need to be updated. Interestingly though Mod Manager doesn't crash for me, what does your Steam -> Help -> About Steam say?


Our ability to detect which mods are crashing is imperfect so you might need to remove and add mods to determine which ones are preventing you from playing the game.

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I have dealt with this twice in the last month. It seems to be mod manager-related, but it's more complex than that.

In my case, loading after some time away (first time months, second time a week) crashes no matter what is enabled. Progressively disabling mods doesn't do any good. The only way to get it to load is to disable every single mod, then slowly re-enable them. I'm talking reenable 2-5 per restart.

I'll post more when it happens again. and start with disabling mod manager. Though IIRC last time that didn't change the above behavior.

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