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Big issue with filter gate - gamebreaker

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Those timers have been started simultaneously.

Filter gates are set to 200sec. So 3x200 sec should be 600 sec, so should be 1 cycle.

Here it is, look where is the cycle timer when filters have reached 3x200sec... Only a third of the cycle has passed.



The more lag there's on the game, the more shift it seems you get. I've tried with a freshly created map and didn't noticed it that much.

Save joined. Just reset both counters, reset gates, and you'll very quickly see it.

That's quite a big one, if all delay-gate are messed up. Just note I didn't tried with buffer.

Best regards

Steps to Reproduce

Load my save, or use the design shown on an heavy save

OxCD's Cocoon.sav

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This is truly a problem. While cycle sensor seems quite reliable(afraid not always) but series of buffer and filter seem to always frustrate me. And as you mentioned, it seems get worsen as it goes to late-game.

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