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autosweeper stop transfering materials

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Something strange just happens in my game.

At the base of my rocket, the autosweeper in charge of unloading the materials suddenly stopped working. :(

Here's the "sick guy"


Has you can see, the compactor can receive obsidian and copper (also iron), it's not full, and there's obsidian, copper and iron in the conveyyor receptacle.

If I ask to sweepe anything else on the ground, it works properly.

There's enough power on the line :



This is really strange. :-/


Steps to Reproduce
don't know

User Feedback

Something similar happens in my game too and it killed several of my tame shove vole :( .

My guess is when we built additionnal conveyors, the whole conveyor system is recomputed and this may interrupt sweeper in buggy state but its just a guess! Changing priority of loader / unloader / compactor doesn't change anything.

A save / reload make them work again in my game.

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In my game, it restart at night, without having change anything.

No duplicant came to pick up something. 

There was no modification on the conveyor system at this moment.


Very strange. O_o

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