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Auto-Saving Game while an action is being made

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Right before the game auto saves if you're in the middle of  doing and action  Such as DIG or Build Tile or ladders or  pipes etc.  OR even cancel or deconstruct,     the action could create very unintended behaviors specifically   applied to something way off screen.   No where near your current view sceeen.

Example:   I click on a dig tool.  Not even clicking  on anything,  as the game saves,  the game might randomly place your digs somewhere off screen.  It may even drag it entirely across the screen off screen if you're in the middle of a drag.   

Often times, when I explore the map I'll end up finding random build/digs  in an unknown area that gets uncovered to reveal  these random actions made a couple of cycles ago.

Steps to Reproduce
Perform some action while auto-saving.
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13 hours ago, klei.ruby said:

Changed Status to Known Issue

Thanks Ruby! So glad this is being looked into. And good luck to the team, I don't think this is going to be a very easy one to fix.

This has been reported several times:





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Added one additional bug reference

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Thanks for collating the links!

It's worth noting that I have put fixes in place for this in a few recent updates,
each attempt seemingly only removing one edge of the edge cases that cause this.

I've already put another fix in place this past week, that I'm hoping solves it for good.
The fix will land in a hotfix soon. I'm waiting a bit before marking this fixed, since I'm testing various scenarios still.

Note that the incoming fix also solves the issue with the new alarm sensor,
which pans the camera over to the alarm and can cause unexpected dragging behavior.

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