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Atmo suit prevents dupes from consuming oxygen when breathing

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The screenshot attached almost tells the whole story. I boarded a dupe with an atmo suit to a ship and didn't remove the suit because pressure was too high and I didn't want them to get "popped eardrums". I thought "well just by breathing they will lower the oxygen pressure and then I can remove the suit": but pressure never dropped.

This duplicant has lived off NO OXYGEN for dozens of cycles, oxygen pressure remains the same 4 kg/tile as before, no new carbon dioxide, nothing.

Screenshot from 2021-06-28 18-22-08.png

Data Dimension.sav


Steps to Reproduce
  • Board a dupe to a ship that has some oxygen in it.
  • Let oxygen in the suit run out, and do not unequip the suit.
  • Let the dupe breath every time they run out of oxygen. They won't actually consume any oxygen. Look at the stats table, it says "inhlaing 0 Kg/O2, exhaling 0 Kg/02"

Screenshot from 2021-06-28 18-25-20.png

User Feedback

I don't know how it work, look like dupes did not consume air when they recover breath, or consume pretty small amount of air. FrancisJohn post video, where he use 1 electrolyzer for 30 or 20 dupes. However, nice catch about atmo suit, because with atmo suit duplicant only "recover breath"

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