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[AT 241659 ]Duplicants remarkably stupid now.

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The AI since automation update makes large bases virtually unplayable.  I have dupes constantly suffocating when theyre adjacent to oxygen

, starving to death when food is available or pissing themselves when toilets are accessible and unoccupied.  Duplicants also seem completely willing to work on tasks like manual generators or metal/oil refinery until theyre completely out of oxygen on their exosuits then run to catch breath

It always seems tp happen offscreen  so its hard to say exactly what is going on but im fairly certain theres no issue with my setup


Rustic Cantaloupe Cycle 327.sav

Steps to Reproduce
dunno. run save

User Feedback

Apparently issue still exist in 241659, i was away from base in like 1.5 screen for long time, and my most of dupes dies ~same place from suffocating while they had oxygen nearby. 3 survived only because i moved to that place and they moved.


Also i noticed Pufts often disappear, when they offscreen. Also, once i had invisible puft (not fully disappeared :D)  - it was not visible, but it was dropping slime from time to time. Tho 2 of 4 disappeared forever.

Comparing to before dupes started to suffocate much more often and quicker when moving for short enough distances (i assume this can also be part of offscreen problem). And same with "doing mess" they like to not try to search for bathroom when offscreen :)



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17 hours ago, Cheerio said:

Could you please let me know if you still get this after the 241659 update? Thanks!

I also seem to get this issue on any save since automation preview. As far as I can tell to replicate the issue, run a base but view an area away from the base for an extended period. It feels like the dupes are stuck until you refocus on the area they are in.

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