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Assertion failed. Value was false expected true

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Developement Console keeps flashing with the message Assertion failed Value was False Expected True.


Galactic Shack.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Don't know, save and log file attached

User Feedback

Firstly your graphics drivers are from 2016, not related but good to keep them updated. http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

The errors are with temperatures, can't see you cooling anything tho, but I can confirm it does crash on my PC so its indeed a problem reproducible with the save file.

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I am experiencing this bug now, too. Save file attached!

I seem to be able to progress regardless, and I *think* it continues to produce auto-saves; but whenever I exit to the main menu, I get a "black hole" crash screen.

Blissful Can.sav

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