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  1. I am experiencing this bug now, too. Save file attached! I seem to be able to progress regardless, and I *think* it continues to produce auto-saves; but whenever I exit to the main menu, I get a "black hole" crash screen. Blissful Can.sav
  2. @SpoonsOnMyElbows Late reply here; yes, what you're saying is evidenced by what I reported. What I suggest is that duplicants be aware of dependencies, such as needing to harvest prior to eating (to avoid starving to death). Otherwise, even if I had wanted to micro-manage their biological needs, I couldn't directly tell them to "hold it"; disabling the toilet, as you suggested, would potentially handle this situation but would also be impacting all dupes and is clearly too inelegant to be the long term solution to these circumstances should they arise again.
  3. A couple of duplicants of mine were starving (sub-10% full), and I had them harvest mealwood plants that were ready to harvest at priority of 9. One of them stopped during harvesting to go to the bathroom, and before she could return to harvesting, she died of starvation. Perhaps because it was harvesting rather than eating, she didn't prioritize it? Eating > Bathroom > Harvesting?