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Arbor tree's self planting on tile

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Closed

When tree is planting itself (in farm plots too, I guess?) it ignores the fact that space in its range (3 tile wide) might be occupied


Steps to Reproduce
Wait for the it to self-plant

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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User Feedback


Pips can cause this to happen too. They will plant it where there shouldn't be enough space and succeed. Also, at least in my save file, the planted tree makes a lot of noise. It sounds like it is making the sounds of it's growth over and over.


Plagued Trainwreck.sav

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Changed Status to Closed

The trees are actually able to grow in a variety of tight situations. Do some experiments, it can get pretty amusing. :)

Thanks for bringing it up though!

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