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AP-420700 space scanner operating on 0W

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Just noticed that one of my space scanners is running, but drawing 0 W. The other one is operating properly and drawing the expected 100 W.


Save file:


Steps to Reproduce

Unknown. I did have both scanners buried under regolith at one point. Perhaps that caused this somehow?

A reload resolves the issue (unfortunately ... hopefully the log will provide some insights)

User Feedback

My 5 Space Scanners all report using 120W, but have always reported 0% scan quality, yet they seem to be working fine - at least I have never had a meteor escape detection.  Clearly some issues exist...  


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In my recent space build testing I noticed this as well since I am using the power wire reader (watt sensor?) in some automation to stage staggered bunker door openings and getting 0 Watts on the wire was screwing up everything since I use that signal to block state machine updates if there is a brown out. Being as it is a critical portion of my automation I tracked down what was happening:

1. Space scanner(s) lose power during a meteor shower.

2. Power is restored before the shower ends

3. Meteor shower ends and the scanner(s) is/are powered

4. Scanner(s) and telescope (checked this due to a thread on the ONI sub-reddit) stop drawing power till save/load or disconnect/reconnect (either deconstruct or power shutoff) of the power wire from power source.

I couldn't get other buildings (gas pump, water pump, transformer) on the same network to stop drawing power under the same conditions but I didn't exhaustively test as my interest in "The Storm Surge Power System" was interrupted by a major project at work.

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