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  1. Neat! I'll wait for notification then
  2. Sorry I missed your comments about outside assistance. While I've read the general discussion for a while I hadn't stepped into the mods boards at all except after seeing the update to TNI post there a while back. If you could please ping when you get this update out I don't want to send you any maps missing the svgs when you move that bit. Thank you for the great tool that is TNI and I will wait patiently (while generating more maps) for mod updates.
  3. @Cairath So I have been using the auto-generator to load maps for the past few days and created a small script to restart ONI when the app hangs/errors (not memory related). While my application restart code works, I'm losing ~32% efficiency because of the delay on knowing when ONI has hung and restarting it since I'm using signals from outside the app. I was thinking about how to improve my efficiency and wanted to see if I could do it in your auto-generator mod but when I landed on your github the public repositories for TNI don't seem to be updated. I would love to try and contribute a couple catches for these errors to restart the game so I can improve the map generation efficiency of the tool! Secondly, and the most devastating efficiency loss is the game auto disabling the mod?!? Its really frustrating to set it up to run while I'm in bed just to wake up and find it sitting on the main menu with the mod turned off having lost 4 hours worth of map generation time. Any ideas on why this is?