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  1. Thank you for the response. I ended up building an excel sheet model using the info in the OniVersity (and having an "AhHA" moment about the 4/9/3 rule means) to see what values would decay that would swap every other tick. However in testing I noticed that anything that wasn't every second (so 100g of petrol) was slower pulling gas to a vacuum. I'm guessing this has something to do with the rate of gas expansion into nearby tiles as you all were molding in the steam turbine thread.
  2. I've been creating a max power steam vent tamer that makes liberal use of the "Never Over Pressure" bypass pump as shown in this thread. In the post it is alluded that it moves gas every second or that one can slow down the tick rate depending on the single layered liquid flow rules. Now studying the ONiVerisity text and after playing with it for a while I understand how to slow the tick rate down but getting it to swap faster with the least liquid possible is evading me. I'm using petrol/naphtha and the swap seems to move at an uneven rate above 100g of petropl or if I turn the petrol valve up too high the swap "sputters" with the petrol sitting in the swap spot just draining until the mass is lower. So I'm wondering how to calculate the minimum amount that needs to flow through the valve to get the every other tick swapping?
  3. So I've been trying to generate maps to get us back up to the glorious number of maps we were at before the wipe and while I'm used to the auto-map generator error-ing out and locking up the new update has done a number on the consistency of auto-generation. Where before ONI's auto disable would kill generation after about two and a half hours due to an error and ONI would occasionally have a "hard lock" (where ONI would be stuck with three "Another instance is already running" dialog boxes and not running generating maps) now ONI now consistently logs an error around 15 minuets of starting with the low end being one map generation. In trying to fix this after the .NET ONI update I managed to get the /mods/dev folder working finally (this didn't work for me after I first posted here and it was said that it could help) but now instead of the mod disabling I now get the "hard lock" state except to an extreme with 6-7 dialog boxes and having to re-close oni up to 3-4 times when I want to play. I've noticed in looking at the logs after the many errors that usually the null reference exception occurs right after the JSON for server submission is generated (which btw it is cool to see all the points in the log now). I know you are a very busy person and this is a side project but if you could look at this a little I would appreciate it! P.S. I'm going to try and see what I can do from the outside with re-enabling the mod so I don't get so many hard locks since I think the /mods/dev folder caused more of the hard lock behavior but I'm not hopeful.
  4. Yeah, I started uploading and then it locked up with the 502 error in the log. Hope it wasn't me!
  5. Interesting what changed with world gen? I haven't seen any mention of it in the patch notes or in discussions I will be ready to start churning out worlds again as soon as you say everything is good to go on your end with the whole .Net change and data wipe!
  6. @suxkar My guess is that since they reintroduced the conflicting traits "bug" your seed now shows as having geoactive and geodormant instead of the traits on TNI which can change generation completely. @Cairath Just before TNI went down for the move I was noticed that the maps I was generating from the auto-mod were not making it to the server and then when TNI went down I thought my problem was due to you prepping to move. However now that TNI is moved and the mod is working and isn't telling me the server is unavailable on start up, the maps I am generating still aren't getting to the server. In the output.txt file I am getting 400 bad request errors when the mod goes to load the map to the server. I re-downloaded the auto-gen mod right after TNI came back up in case there was an update but that doesn't seem to have fixed anything. output_log.txt
  7. Sorry I missed your comments about outside assistance. While I've read the general discussion for a while I hadn't stepped into the mods boards at all except after seeing the update to TNI post there a while back. If you could please ping when you get this update out I don't want to send you any maps missing the svgs when you move that bit. Thank you for the great tool that is TNI and I will wait patiently (while generating more maps) for mod updates.
  8. @Cairath So I have been using the auto-generator to load maps for the past few days and created a small script to restart ONI when the app hangs/errors (not memory related). While my application restart code works, I'm losing ~32% efficiency because of the delay on knowing when ONI has hung and restarting it since I'm using signals from outside the app. I was thinking about how to improve my efficiency and wanted to see if I could do it in your auto-generator mod but when I landed on your github the public repositories for TNI don't seem to be updated. I would love to try and contribute a couple catches for these errors to restart the game so I can improve the map generation efficiency of the tool! Secondly, and the most devastating efficiency loss is the game auto disabling the mod?!? Its really frustrating to set it up to run while I'm in bed just to wake up and find it sitting on the main menu with the mod turned off having lost 4 hours worth of map generation time. Any ideas on why this is?