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  1. I can reliably recreate this issue by also making a two tile deep hole underneath the center of the teleporter receiver which makes the receiver skip the printing animation then grants animation skipping powers. If there is only one missing tile the teleporter receiver skips the printing animation but then shoves the dupe to the left or right and doesn't grant animation skipping powers. Animation skipping does not persist through save/reload so I've attached my log files for when it happened in my survival game (between cycle 205-206, in player-prev.log) and when I made it happen in my sandbox map. I caused the issue and then saved to test reload permeance, so maybe look before the save event with file name ending in Dupe_Warping in Player.log, though nothing looks out of the ordinary here to me. Player.log Player-prev.log
  2. This is still an issue on the current (as of Jan. 20, 2021) preview branch. Saving while the door is open and reloading does not resolve the copper ore still being there. Attached is my current early access save where on asteroid three (` + 3, warp target) the bugged door is connected to duplicant built automation and is not working. Early Access Mk 1.sav
  3. When sweep commands are issued the "Sweep Errand" and "Storage Unavailable" tags don't track if a storage bin for the object being swept exists on the specific asteroid leading to white "Sweep Errand" tags that actually should be the "Storage Unavailable" tags. An image of the issue and a save where the warp target asteroid, bubblino (` + 3, keyboard shortcut), has only one storage bin with no "Filtration Medium" or "Raw Minerals" selected but the tags for sand (filtration medium) and raw minerals with sweep errands on the items to be swept are "Sweep Errands" not "Storage Unavailable" are attached. Early Access Mk 1.sav
  4. In generating more asteroid fields I had it crash one more time with seed 180469025 and looks like it has to do with the NiobiumMoonlet
  5. When I was generating new asteroid fields for a new early access map, after generation finishes but before dupe selection the game crashed with the following error: Which I'm guessing means there the swampy asteroid has a collision with one of it's neighbors! Other seeds are working fine
  6. When I read that a fully build-able space locations with an additional sim layer (radiation) with the goal of performance staying the same would be coming, I knew that a lot of work and discussions were on the table for all of you ONI devs and that the resulting silence after was just the sound of all the discussions and work being completed. I very much understand that the steamdb link isn't at all representative of what's going on, and was just speculating out of excitement about where things might be. Having long played games where the company's motto for updates is Soon™, I am more than happy to wait as long as it takes for this incredibly complex game to receive its updates because it will be well worth the wait. Thank you all for all the work and passion that goes into ONI. As ONI is, imo, a game about building a system to get parts to build other systems while keeping the existing systems sustainable, without new systems that's when players start to get bored. Smaller updates I think usually are useful to add to and change existing systems (e.g. automation pack) but completely agree that adding more systems which the game needs to keep engagement needs to be done in a big dlc.
  7. The link here is has sooooooo much tantalizing info because one can guess that the dev branch was the branch name being used when they were actively adding new stuff, the demo branch is likely the final consumer side build testing without any dev tools, and staging is likely the most up to date finalizing build with dev tools. As you say the dev branch hasn't been updated in 18 days but the demo and staging both have updates within the last day which I'm thinking means they are working on polishing the dlc so they can "...get the DLC into your rubber-gloved-hands...". Exciting!!!
  8. In my recent space build testing I noticed this as well since I am using the power wire reader (watt sensor?) in some automation to stage staggered bunker door openings and getting 0 Watts on the wire was screwing up everything since I use that signal to block state machine updates if there is a brown out. Being as it is a critical portion of my automation I tracked down what was happening: 1. Space scanner(s) lose power during a meteor shower. 2. Power is restored before the shower ends 3. Meteor shower ends and the scanner(s) is/are powered 4. Scanner(s) and telescope (checked this due to a thread on the ONI sub-reddit) stop drawing power till save/load or disconnect/reconnect (either deconstruct or power shutoff) of the power wire from power source. I couldn't get other buildings (gas pump, water pump, transformer) on the same network to stop drawing power under the same conditions but I didn't exhaustively test as my interest in "The Storm Surge Power System" was interrupted by a major project at work.