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Airlocks are destroying air AGAIN.

Storm Engineer
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I'm on the Oil update Alpha branch.

(Mechanized) airlocks destroy large amounts of Oxygen every time they operate. This is a large problem, I'm losing a lot Oxygen this way.

See screenshot of low pressure area created by airlock destroying air. After dupes going through it a few times, the refrigerator room will be in nearly vacuum.


Steps to Reproduce
Build small room, close it with airlock - Enter gas overlay - Send a dupe through airlock a few times

User Feedback

Aha , that why my hydrogen chamber gone for no reason, it was airlocked door-pump-door, not 4 door

the pressure keep decreasing when someone enter and out

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We had this problem a long time ago and it was fixed then, but now it's back.

I wonder though if only mechanized or normal airlock too? I need to test.

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