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Air Scubber loses a great amoutnt of water

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Hi guys! You doing a great job! Your games are amazing! I like your new "Oxigen is not included" very much.
Got a a strange thing in game though.
In my base I made a water and air treatment zone. Set liquid pumps, liquid valves, all connected 

 Встроенное изображение 1
Встроенное изображение 2
Each pump pumping 10 kg/s contaminated water (CW for hereinafter).
Встроенное изображение 3
Liquid pressure regulated by a valve, so there is an 10 kgs of CW in each circle in pipe after pump. 
Встроенное изображение 4
Water purifier takes a 10 kg/s of a CW and provide a 10 kg/s of pure water (W for hereinafter).
Встроенное изображение 5
But Air Scrubber takes a 10 kg/s of W and provide only 1 kilo of CW in 4 secons. The rate of providing CW depends on CO2 concentration, I think. But this must affected and  a W consuming speed too!
Встроенное изображение 6
By now, each of my Air Scrubbers loses about 9,75 kg of W by sec.
This is contrary to the description of Air Scrubber. Description says that it takes 1 kg/s of W and provide the same 1 kg/s of CW.
Встроенное изображение 8
Air Scrubber description is also not clear in CO2 consuming part. Requiriments -300 CO2 g/s. But you cannot afford to make negative CO2 concentration! 
I interpreted it like Air Scrubber needs 300 g of CO2  in surrounding cells, and removes up to100 g/s of CO2 at this and above concentration. If concentration of CO2 in surrounding cell is less then 300 g Air Scrubber rateably removes less CO2 and provide less CW per sec. It aslo have to consume less W, but actuallly it did not.
With my best regards


Steps to Reproduce
Make a chain of buildings, connected by liquid pipes: Liquid pump, Liquid valve, Water Purifier, Air Scrubber, Liquid Vent. Liquid pump need to be in contaminated water, Air Scrubber need to be in CO2 with concentration about 300 g. Liquid vent have to release contaminated water directly to the same location where pump is. There must be no contaminated water loses in this closed cycle, but it is. Contaminated water will be disappears at a rate of about 9 kg/s.

User Feedback

Hi @Wi11y - Thanks for the detailed bug report. However it looks like you linked to images from your email, or google drive; so they aren't showing up. 

Think you can send us those images? It would really help. Thanks!

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I have also had issues with my CO2 scrubber. Putting CW in the intake for the scrubber makes the water disappear completely(nothing coming out of the output), but it still pulls the CO2 out of the air. 

After letting it run for over an hour, assuming everything was working OK since it was still pulling the CO2 out, not a single drop of water/contaminated water left the CO2 scrubber.

I can provide a screenshot of my setup if it would be helpful

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Related. Actually had to remove my patch to see how it behaved before it.
Had to watch the numbers in the top-right. Rapidly dropped before the patch.
After patching there was a steady rise.


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