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  1. Good news everyone! My dupies found a way to bottle gases somehow! I`ve no idea how the did it. There was no high temperature or gas pressure. And I can not do anything with this bottles. c114.sav
  2. Water disappears when pipes are destroyed

    Yes! I notice the same!
  3. Good news everyone! I`ve found a new way to storing gases. Although it described as max pressure in gas valve as 100 g/s gas pump and gas pipes can contain much more! Gas pump even in description marked as 500 g/s. Gas pipe can contain 10 000 g/s! See attached srcennshot. So you can make a snake-like gas pipe and store 10 kg gas per cell instead of 2 at normal conditions!
  4. Good news every one! I`ve found another way to destroy huge amounts of water! All you need - just build a liquid valve and turn it flow control of liquid valve to minimum value - 10 g/s. That is it! Valve will be output only amount you set. All other intake liquid amount will be destroyed! You can lose about 10 kg/s by one valve. Tempting offer!
  5. Good new everyone! I`ve found than Lavaratory and showers intakes 10 kg of water per second at max pressure in pipe (Each bkue cirlce - 10 kg kf water). But output only 1 kg ptr second of contaminated water (Each green-yellow circle - 1000 g). So it wasted huge amounts of water. However, according to the description it must not consume water at all, just converts it to contaminated water with the same amount.
  6. Liquid valve loses water

    Upload an image
  7. Hi JoeW! Sure! In attachment. Numbered in sequence. Shoud I use imgur next time?
  8. Good news everyone! Here you can see 50 kg of water in cell. I mean, you can`t ) And here is about 1000 times less amount of contaminated water: It seems like incorrect. First amount is droped by liqued went. Another one - by vomit.
  9. Good news everyone! Power switch not disconnect wires: You can see that switch is turned off (by default on construction) but wires is connected and a pump is working. I don`t know how I did it. Maybe switch take a wire status (straing/broken) in the moment of it construction. c76.sav
  10. Hello again, I tryed to solve anyhow problem with Air Scrubber, that loses a water. Deconstruct both of my scrubbers. And then in one line liqued valve continued to pump contaminated water into... a black hole may be? After I stopped pumps one of valves (the right one) pumped to hell all liquid between it and pump: It looks like buildings, that have a liquid input and output needs a balance between inputing and outputing amounts of liquids. It applies to pumps, valves, bridges, scrubbers, filters, purifiers, lavaratory and shower. All of this buildings could loose a liquid. c74.sav
  11. Bio Distiller acting weird

    And it woud be great if we can connect Bio Distiller to Algae Deoxidizer somehow! By liquid pipes may be?
  12. Good news everyone! Look, here is a gas instead of liquid in Liquid pump description: With my best regards
  13. Hi guys! You doing a great job! Your games are amazing! I like your new "Oxigen is not included" very much. Got a a strange thing in game though. In my base I made a water and air treatment zone. Set liquid pumps, liquid valves, all connected consequentially : Each pump pumping 10 kg/s contaminated water (CW for hereinafter). Liquid pressure regulated by a valve, so there is an 10 kgs of CW in each circle in pipe after pump. Water purifier takes a 10 kg/s of a CW and provide a 10 kg/s of pure water (W for hereinafter). But Air Scrubber takes a 10 kg/s of W and provide only 1 kilo of CW in 4 secons. The rate of providing CW depends on CO2 concentration, I think. But this must affected and a W consuming speed too! By now, each of my Air Scrubbers loses about 9,75 kg of W by sec. This is contrary to the description of Air Scrubber. Description says that it takes 1 kg/s of W and provide the same 1 kg/s of CW. Air Scrubber description is also not clear in CO2 consuming part. Requiriments -300 CO2 g/s. But you cannot afford to make negative CO2 concentration! I interpreted it like Air Scrubber needs 300 g of CO2 in surrounding cells, and removes up to100 g/s of CO2 at this and above concentration. If concentration of CO2 in surrounding cell is less then 300 g Air Scrubber rateably removes less CO2 and provide less CW per sec. It aslo have to consume less W, but actuallly it did not. With my best regards c75.sav