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50c degree dups destroy plants

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Starting shortly after I updated to patch 208196, I have some duplicants that are very hot (50 degrees celcius).  This doesn't seem to bother them, except that they decimate plants by very rapidly heating the room they are contained in.


Bug report file uploader still giving failures, screenshots from steam below.


Here is a hot dup as they are exiting the plant room.  Before they entered, the entire room was uniformly at the temperature by the air vent.  They were only in here long enough to drop off material to the mesh on the right.  The brief visit raised the temperature on the left from ~25 to 36 celcius



Here is the dup's temperature, 50 celcuis.  Not sure how he got this hot, but the others aren't far behind.





Here is a gaggle of dups decimating the temperature of the room during a mix of harvest, sweep, and construction operations.  As before, the room was ~20 degrees before they entered.  This was when I first noticed it, and unfortunately I did not think to get the temperature they left behind.



A save file is set aside at this point, but I have not been able to upload files to bug reports since my first report.

Steps to Reproduce
Possibly an issue with the update? Pre-patch and for 60 cycles, the temperature of the dups seemed fine, this started ~1 cycle ago after I restarted and downloaded the update.

User Feedback

You can raise their external temperature by sending them in high temperature place. Like if they stand on a power building that give off heat, they gain a lot of heat.

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Thanks, I found that my lavatries had a very thin layer of 75c water on it, and things seemed to stabilize some time after mopping that up.  Unfortunately, it crashed not long after, so I am not certain yet.

I guess the bug would seem to be that dups emit incredible amounts of heat when warmed up.  Walking into a 20 degree room shouldn't increase its temperature by 20 degrees within 10 seconds, and certainly not leave you the same temperature.

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Well, dupes have a 30kg bodymass while air have ~2k mass/tile so it would need 15 tile of 20C air to cool down the 50C dupe to 35C while the air would heat up to 35C in theory.

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Today one of my dupes sat down next to a plant to eat his lunch and stifled half my garden... When I went from 4 dupes to 5, my entire base started overheating. I had to kill off a dupe.

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