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  1. Save File Editor

    You need a save from the QOL3 update. Earlier versions are unsupported. You should be able to select all of the categories in the export dialog. Just check any you want to export. (edit: That's how its supposed to work, but it seems I broke it. I will get that fixed for the next release) What modifications are you making that break the game? Can you give me a save file that breaks it?
  2. Save File Editor

    I have a fix up for the l.toUnsigned issue. The editor should support saves with mods in them now.
  3. Save File Editor

    Figured it out. This one is going to be a pain to fix... It is mods that cause this. The item in question is type "KMod.Label", which has a "version" field of 64 bit integer. This is the first time the save editor has ever encountered one of these. Interestingly, the parser itself reads and writes these no problem, which is why I couldn't reproduce it at first. The issue is javascript does not have 64 bit integers, so I use a custom object to represent them between load and save. This works fine for the parser, but the website shoves the work of loading and saving off to a background "WebWorker", which does not understand the object and strips it out when sending it over to the website's ui. When the site passes it back to be saved, this object is missing, and the program chokes on attempting to write the missing value. I will need to work out a better way of storing these values to make them compatible with the website. This is going to be a more involved task, and I probably won't get much time to look into it until the weekend. Until then, avoid editing files that were modded. If you are going the custom starting duplicant route, shut off all mods before you generate the save file, modify it, then turn the mods back on after.
  4. Save File Editor

    I successfully loaded all 4 of those saves in the editor. Does the error happen on load, or when you make a specific change? I wouldn't be surprised if the issue is related to how the game saves the names of the installed mods, but so far I haven't been able to reproduce this one...
  5. Save File Editor

    I've seen reports of this before, but I have not been able to reproduce it. Can you send me your save file so I can test it?
  6. Save File Editor

    Pushed version 3.8.0. The editor now only supports QOL3. Experience and skills can be adjusted. I still need to do more work on the UI, but I wanted to get an update out to support the official release of QOL3. Next steps would be to improve the skill selector, and allow you to adjust duplicant experience by choosing the number of skill points, rather than guessing at experience points.
  7. Save File Editor

    I was able to solve the issue, but I want to try and fix the skills editor before pushing the next release. The change from jobs to skills means the jobs tab is no longer functional. Can someone post a save file that has duplicants with allocated skill points? My goal is to get this out in time for the official release but I have yet to play a game in QOL3, so I have no save data to work with.
  8. Save File Editor

    Nasty, this save is referencing template data that was not stored inside it. The save data format might have changed, but I always thought the template data was a pretty stable area. I will look into it, but this might take a while
  9. Save File Editor

    Looks like this is caused by a change in how the field works. It got renamed, and no longer includes "0 interest" entries I was relying on to populate the list. The second part is no big deal; I can use my own list and it makes things a bit cleaner. The problem is the first part, the effort to support both isn't really worth it, considering the release is in 3 days. I will just wait it out, and make the change then. What is the problem you are seeing? I don't have any save files with any disease, since I don't actually play the game myself anymore. I can look into the issue if you provide me with a description of what is breaking, and a save file to test against.
  10. Save File Editor

    Seems to work for me. What browser are you using? The popup menu I am using for that has a bit of buried complexity, so it is possible that its a browser issue. I just published a new version that includes a raw json editor. It's UI isnt nearly as polished as I would like, but I wanted to get it out there to cover anything that might have been lost from the old editor. Use the dropdown at the top next to the breadcrumb to select the next object from the path, or click a previous item in the breadcrumb to jump to that scope. The editor will show the json value of the current object, but only if that object isn't too large. Since the save file on its own is massive, you will have to drill into the save and select an object deeper in to get the editor to appear at all. Once you make a modification, make sure to click the apply button at the bottom to make your edit apply to the save file. Just changing the content isn't enough. I need to spend some time thinking about how to improve the raw editor, but this should at least enable editing weird things again.
  11. Save File Editor

    Editor v3.6.0 is now released. It Includes: Fix for crashing on changing a geyser's rate. Editor for various difficulty settings, found on the Overview page. Support for save versions 7.7 and 7.8, both from the QOL3 beta. Now that there is a save break, I decided to remove the original editor and move /vnext back to the original location at If anyone needs access to a value that was reachable by v2's custom data editor, please let me know and I will try to support it officially. With time, custom data editing will be re-introduced, but I would like to cover as much as I can with the new UI.
  12. Save File Editor

    Whoops, I messed up that area of the code and it's crashing. I fixed it in the repo, and will try to remember to publish the fix this weekend. I have not investigated 7.7 yet, but someone else tried to modify the underlying library and successfully edited a save using it. I will try to look into it myself this weekend. If its just a game mechanics bump and not a file format change, I may be able to update the site so it can edit both the mainline and beta branches simultaneously. The thought is appreciated, but I do not think I will be taking donations on this project. If you want to dig into the code though, I would be happy to take any feature contributions you could make! Unfortunately, the space data turned out to be much more restricted than it first appeared. You cannot add arbitrary elements to planets, just change the "roll" of how much material appears for the preset elements. This works similar to how the actual numbers for geyser rates cannot be changed, but adjusted percentage-wise based on min and max values. Discovered items too limited to be of any use (only one possible item), and there are enough planets that I don't think tweaking their minmax values will be of any interest. I've slowed down on its development due to this, but I will hopefully get it out soon. Most of my time right now is going into, well, Sekiro to be honest. But the save editor time is going into cleaning things up and looking into adding a generic "edit everything" editor like v2 had. This time I think I will just stick an IDE for json data under an advanced mode toggle and be done with it. Anyone fidgeting with the internals should be able to grok the format, and it saves me from having to deal with the crazier nesting structures that v2 stumbled over.
  13. Save File Editor

    Another bump to /vnext. True geyser editing is here! The geyser artwork now changes when you change a geyser's element type. Also, the materials list now has a button to delete all loose ores on the map. This is experimental, and I am going to explore what effect this has on performance. If it turns out its a good utility to keep around, I will work on a version that moves the material into storage rather than deleting it. The editor should also be slightly faster when loading files, as the website will no longer be overwhelmed with messages from the parser. On the topic of performance, I would love to get ahold of some massive slow and laggy save files to test against. Anyone have a megabase sitting around they want to contribute?
  14. Can you share some bases that are having FPS issues / lots of debris? I am exploring this issue by rigging a save editor to bulk delete material to get a pure before/after FPS measurement. Doing this should let us compare the exact difference as everything else will be identical between the two saves.
  15. Save File Editor

    Version 3.4.0 is out on /vnext. This version includes the ability to import and export data from duplicants into reusable files. This allows for copying data between saves or tweaking the data by hand. Right now, the program does not try to validate any imported data, so it is entirely possible to crash the program or corrupt the save by importing invalid data. To guard against this, the exported files include a checksum of the data, and the program will try and validate against it when importing. If you modify the files by hand, this checksum will become invalid and the program will warn you when trying to import again. You can still tell the program to import it anyway, however. Also included is a very basic geyser editor. No geyser artwork changes so far, just the material emitted and the rate at which it emits. Currently, the rate adjust takes the form of a slider without any displayed number. This is because the rate value in the save is a number from 0 to 1 which the game translates to a min/max adjustment of the actual geyser rate. I might try to dig in and look up the actual rates each geyser uses later. The material page also makes its first appearance. Right now, it is a read-only summary of loose ore (sweepable) and stored (including in machine buffers). I plan to add more functionality to this, including the ability to bulk sweep or delete material, and adding more material into storage.