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  1. Updated the editor to accept the old non-dlc version. This is unfortunate, as the editor was not designed to support multiple versions at a time. The planet editor has to remain offline so the new files do not crash, and I cannot add any new traits as there is nothing to stop you adding them in the old version where they would not be recognized. I may have to redesign the site to support things like this. What's more concerning as that means the version numbers are now out of sync between dlc and non-dlc. What happens when the non-dlc game needs a breaking change? It can't move the version number forward since that version is already used up by the dlc. This might result in two entirely incompatible forks of the game being produced eventually. I might have to decide between maintaining two independent versions of the save editor, or only supporting the dlc... Interestingly, doing it this way means that if they make a second dlc, then the first dlc will be required to install it.
  2. Editor has been updated to support save version 7.22, which should include the current version of the DLC. The planet editor had to be disabled, as it is no longer compatible with this save version. I will need to look into what changed here.
  3. There is a planets tab which can change the ratio of materials you get based on what that planet is allowed to give. Unfortunately a planet is restricted to only giving materials set by the game; if I were to change the material to one the planet normally does not give, the game would clear it out. It is theoretically possible to change the planet type, but then you would have to reset all materials on the planet to their proper types, and I have not yet made the editor handle this. You can do so yourself with the raw editor. This actually looks like a bug in the parser, rather than a file size issue. This typically happens when the parser gets confused trying to read text. If you can get the save file to me, I can take a look and try to track down where the issue is. This is very doable, but I have not made an interface for it yet. You can modify the amount of material on existing material globs or inside containers using the raw editor though. For loose globs on the ground, find a glob you want to modify, open its behaviors, and look at the PrimaryElement template data. You can modify the units field to change how much of it there is. For stuff inside containers, find the container, look for its "Storage" behavior, and go into "extraData". There will be a list of numbers, each number is an item stored inside that container. You can then modify the PrimaryElement behavior on those items and change their units.
  4. This is interesting, the game must be trying to attach other data to the dup whenever it gives them the management trait. The editor treats it as any other trait, so whatever the game expects to see is not getting set. I have been out of the game for some time now, so I don't know what the management trait actually does. However, I should be able to look at the crash location you reported and work backwards from there to figure out what the missing data is. Hopefully its some pre-seeded value I can hard code into the save when you select that trait, but its possible its a more complex value and I will have to pop up an extra interface to let you choose whatever the value should be. I will look more into it this weekend.
  5. It seems to work fine in my tests, this might be mod related. Still, I should be able to fix it up to work with the mod if I know what is actually going wrong. Can you list the mods you have, and send me a save that has been corrupted in this way?
  6. When you click save, it should process the file for a bit then prompt you to download a new file. If it does not, then you probably have a popup blocker interfering with it.
  7. Looks like they changed how the physics simulation data is stored. Editor should be updated to handle this now. If you are running offline mode, you will need to manually click your browsers refresh button to force it to reload to get the update.
  8. I don't know about the tear, I haven't kept up with the game changes and its not a feature I have seen. I would have to hunt through the code to see how it works. For spaceships, there should be a way to do that. The game probably moves the duplicant's game object somewhere else to store it, I just need to find where that is and set the website to look there for dups as well.
  9. The geyser load code shouldn't have changed. Is this in a save you previously were able to see geysers in? Can you post your save file so I can take a look?
  10. Sorry about that, I had to change the configuration around for offline mode and I broke the mechanism that loads the save parser. I didn't notice as the problem only occurs on the github website. This should be fixed now.
  11. New version released: Offline editing is now here! Turn it on in settings Support deleting of individual categories of loose material Sorting on the material list Edit more geyser things Lifecycle time Active time Emitting time Changelog now shown on the menu A note on offline mode: It will rather aggressively use the offline files when you visit the page in the future. This means much faster website loading (hooray!), but means if there is an update, you may not get it. Clicking the refresh button on the browser should make it try to update itself if internet is available, otherwise it will just fall back into offline mode. Yes, Delete Loose Material deletes items that are on the ground. Previously, doing this on a heavy save file could improve performance, but I believe Klei has already made this less of an issue in recent versions. Secondary attributes are duplicant attributes the game tracks, but does not display. I have never actually tested what it is they do, and have not looked through the code to find out. I included them just out of completeness, as they are still present in the save file.
  12. New version released. This one is far less strict when it comes to checking property names, so it should not fail to load saves that have seen mods now. This particularly applies to mods using symbols or non-english characters in their property names. A brief history on that check, it originally existed to aid development. When the parser incorrectly parses a file, the first sign something is wrong is usually property names contain significant amounts of gibberish. That check was in place to catch flaws in the parser that resulted in bad reads of the save file. I originally checked up on the standards for .NET identifier names, thinking that property names would follow the same pattern. Now, the check simply enforces a max length of the property (at 511 characters) and checks for some flat-out invalid characters (null terminators, record separators, and other nonsense back from the age of teletypes). Hopefully this will be enough to catch any parse errors while still allowing for the weirder property names we have been seeing.
  13. I don't know where this data is stored, but I suspect it's being calculated from the cycle reports. It's probably only possible to reset by modifying each cycle report to report 0 meat eaten. I haven't played with modifying those, however. The save editor won't let you change the types of objects, but if you know a bit of JavaScript you can write some code to do it for you using the parser. This will also let you edit your old save file as all of the previous versions of the parser are archived. You can find the main repository at, you will want to use version 6 or 7, I think. You can always look at the code online to check what version lock is programmed into each tag.
  14. Sure, I will add this the next time I work on the editor. Sorry about that, I messed up the deploy and the new version didn't take. I just reran the deploy, and the Planets menu item is working now..
  15. I think the loose material deletion has been broken for a while, but I didn't think anyone was using it so I haven't looked into it. It should be possible to allow deletion by material type, I will keep that in mind as an upgrade when I go see what's wrong with it. I just released a new version of the editor that gives you the ability to adjust this. You will find it under the Planets menu item.