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  1. Save File Editor

    New version released. This one is far less strict when it comes to checking property names, so it should not fail to load saves that have seen mods now. This particularly applies to mods using symbols or non-english characters in their property names. A brief history on that check, it originally existed to aid development. When the parser incorrectly parses a file, the first sign something is wrong is usually property names contain significant amounts of gibberish. That check was in place to catch flaws in the parser that resulted in bad reads of the save file. I originally checked up on the standards for .NET identifier names, thinking that property names would follow the same pattern. Now, the check simply enforces a max length of the property (at 511 characters) and checks for some flat-out invalid characters (null terminators, record separators, and other nonsense back from the age of teletypes). Hopefully this will be enough to catch any parse errors while still allowing for the weirder property names we have been seeing.
  2. Save File Editor

    I don't know where this data is stored, but I suspect it's being calculated from the cycle reports. It's probably only possible to reset by modifying each cycle report to report 0 meat eaten. I haven't played with modifying those, however. The save editor won't let you change the types of objects, but if you know a bit of JavaScript you can write some code to do it for you using the parser. This will also let you edit your old save file as all of the previous versions of the parser are archived. You can find the main repository at, you will want to use version 6 or 7, I think. You can always look at the code online to check what version lock is programmed into each tag.
  3. Save File Editor

    Sure, I will add this the next time I work on the editor. Sorry about that, I messed up the deploy and the new version didn't take. I just reran the deploy, and the Planets menu item is working now..
  4. Save File Editor

    I think the loose material deletion has been broken for a while, but I didn't think anyone was using it so I haven't looked into it. It should be possible to allow deletion by material type, I will keep that in mind as an upgrade when I go see what's wrong with it. I just released a new version of the editor that gives you the ability to adjust this. You will find it under the Planets menu item.
  5. Save File Editor

    Weird, all the info I can find online say that dashes are not allowed in field or property names. Not sure how this mod is managing to name a field like that. At any rate, I need to add it to the allowed list. That particular error is a sanity check trying to ensure the parser doesnt go nuts and read in garbage data as text. Once I adjust it to allow for dashes it should load that file fine, barring any other weird characters appearing in field names.
  6. Save File Editor

    Updated to add a few new traits. Sparkle Bomber should be in there now.
  7. Save File Editor

    Updated to support Recreation Pack. Also included in this update is a potential fix for the sandbox difficulty selector not toggling sandbox mode.
  8. Save File Editor

    Another version bump. This one includes a brand new raw data editor that should stop save corruption, and also provide an easier to use editing experience. It is closer in line to the v2 editor, showing a tree view of the data available and individual editable fields for data. This release also fixes Czech and Spanish translations, which were not properly enabling when switching to them in settings.
  9. Save File Editor

    I used to have sliders for Eruption Period / Active Period, but removed them. They were a bit confusing as there are 4 values that control the relative dormant/active and active/eruption time, and they are choosing a random factor to apply to a fixed value in-game so you cannot choose custom values. You can still modify them in the raw editor, under the Geyser behavior: - iterationLengthRoll - value 0 to 1, total time for active+eruption - iterationPercentRoll - value 0 to 1, fraction of active+eruption time spent erupting - yearLengthRoll - value 0 to 1, length of dormant+active cycle - yearPercentRoll - value 0 to 1, length of time spent active in dormant+active cycle Remember, these are just random factors applied to fixed values based on the type of geyser. Setting them to anything outside of 0 to 1 will result in it getting constrained back to 0 or 1. Looks like this broke when I updated the UI toolkit I'm using. I got them working again, and also fixed the UI lag when using the sliders. I just published version 3.9.0. This fixes geyser sliders and adds the missing traits Allergies and Archaeologist. This also adds Czech and Spanish translations, contributed by Galo223344 and Sorashi respectively.
  10. Save File Editor

    Thanks for playing around with 7.12, it seems that the version number bump is all that is needed. I read through the patch notes and as far as I can tell the version bump is due to a change in how they store building history data. It seems to be covered by the template data parser so there is nothing I need to do my end. The website should now support save file version 7.12. I did not update any of the lists for traits / geysers / effects, however, so you need to wait a bit longer for the new traits. I'm thinking about adding an option to override the version lockout so in the future, people can experiment faster with the new version without having to wait for me. The original reason for the lock was to prevent data loss due to corrupted saves, but I really don't test these changes as much as I should be anymore. In feature news, I am working on replacing the raw editor with something easier to use. There are also reports that the raw editor is stripping away data in some cases, which I will try to fix. In general, small save file size differences shouldn't be a problem. The difference comes down to the save compression. The library I use for it seems to do a bit of a better job at compressing the data than the one the game uses.
  11. Save File Editor

    I started work on a space destination editor a while ago, but lost interest when it turned out all the info is verified when it loads so you can't make custom planets. I could still set it up to switch between the existing destinations, but I would have to duplicate all of the destination generation logic. The game stores the contents of the planets in the save file, but verifies them on load and deletes what is inappropriate. The result is unless I populate the edited planet with the correct details for that planet type, it deletes all the content and you end up with an empty planet. You can actually get to the planet editor by changing the url to #/planets, but there's nothing you can do there at the moment. Name can be edited, but since you could do it in-game I didn't make it a priority. It might be a good idea now that I have duplicant cloning working correctly though. Gender is possible, previous versions had it but it never made the transition to v3. Descriptions cannot be modified though, they are directly tied to the "name key" which is generated alongside the name and never changes, even when you rename the duplicant. I could let you select among the pre-generated descriptions, however.
  12. Save File Editor

    Version 3.8.4 is released Fixed arm color not changing with body. Added salt water geyser Fix parsing certain mods (Fixes "Invalid identifier name <Threshold>k__BackingField") Fix cloned duplicants not appearing in menus and sharing beds / atmosuits / other assignables with their original.
  13. Save File Editor

    Yep, the geyser list needs to be updated. I will try to get to this soon. You can run the website off your own pc if you download and install nodejs (Either version will work). First, download the source code, then run these commands in command prompt, in order - npm install - npm start On running the second command, it should start the web server. After some time to compile, the editor should be available at http://localhost:8080 It should work fine with mods, but there have been a bug report that certain mods cause failures to parse. I've been given a save file though, so hopefully I should have it fixed soon. You probably have an adblocker or popup blocker that is overenthusiastically blocking the save. The website is poorly designed in that it will create a spontaneous download after it is done rebuilding your save file, and some blockers see this as malicious and prevent it from working. I need to make the editor prompt you with a download link when it completes, but until then try disabling the blocker on the site. You can find the "debugWasUsed" property in the raw editor somewhere. I think it might be on the save header, but I can't look it up right now. There are bug reports that the raw editor is bricking saves, however. I have yet to look into it, but be careful with using it. I have experimented with this and it turns out you essentially need to lobotomize the dup's state manager to get this to work. You could probably clone one and it should generate a living dup, but clone is broken right now and the resulting duplicant will clash with the existing one over item ownership and menu appearance. Definitely possible, I had a map of the game objects as a planned feature at one point. For now you could try finding that creature in the raw editor and look at their coordinates, but you would need some way of showing the current coordinate of your mouse in-game for that to be of any use. I don't know if that feature is available, possibly a mod could do it? Yes, the sleeves remaining the same is a bug. The mouth having color issues is new to me though, and I don't recall seeing a property controlling this. I will need to research that more. As for the sleeve issue, I should have that fixed soon. I will try to make time for the editor this Saturday, I should be able to fix several of these issues, but fixing clone might take a bit longer. Sorry for the slow responses. I haven't had much time to work on this, but I still intend to keep maintaining it.
  14. Save File Editor

    The raw editor should already be in place; I have been using it to hunt down the clones-sharing-bed issue. It's not the most intuitive, but the bar across the top lets you select the area of the save file, and the rest of the screen shows a json editor when it finds an object it can reasonably display. Click on the text of the path to change the path at that point, or click on the underline to go deeper in. For example, here I could click on "MinionAssignablesProxy" to get a list of items under SaveGame / gameObjects, and select another game object. Once you change something in the json editor, remember to click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen, or your changes wont save if you leave that object. It will default to showing the save file header. Click on "SaveGame" to jump to the top of the file and work your way down to the more interesting bits.
  15. Save File Editor

    Hmm, that sounds similar to the bug where clones and their originals sleep in the same bed. There's some ID the game uses to track duplicants that I have not found yet.