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3 way water pipe connection not working properly

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I got a pump on the left which push water only in the right end pipe not  in the upper one, even if I got a water valve (which is limited to 10 g/s) on the right end.

this seems to had happened after I reload the game

It's an awesome game !

ps: sorry english isn't my first language


Steps to Reproduce
build a three way pipe connection with water consumption on both ends, reload the game

User Feedback

I can confirm this that 3 way pipes arent working the way they should. With a 3 way pipe I was loosing 50% of water after it went through the junction. I had clear water coming from the top, one end would go to the left feeding 2 showers (duplicants didnt even use) and the other end went down to the water reservoir. Before the 3 way pipe water was coming with every block, after it there was only water in every 2nd block running through the pipes to reservoir.

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