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  1. I can confirm this that 3 way pipes arent working the way they should. With a 3 way pipe I was loosing 50% of water after it went through the junction. I had clear water coming from the top, one end would go to the left feeding 2 showers (duplicants didnt even use) and the other end went down to the water reservoir. Before the 3 way pipe water was coming with every block, after it there was only water in every 2nd block running through the pipes to reservoir.
  2. Or make them poop rocks like Beefalos to collect them without using brutal force.
  3. Yeah I got that one too. Teleportatoed?? myself to the next world to fully activate the next update and I didnt get The Lord of the Pigs. Just one small pig village on the entire map.Lucky for me im Wolfgang, no one is mightier!!!
  4. Title says it all.In the Russian fan site they have the new poster up and ready but on your main site it aint!Why is that?The site to check out the poster http://dontstarve.ru/
  5. Oh my gawd!The only way to balance this out and even the game --->http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?9533-The-foundation-of-our-base-The-TENT!Enough said!
  6. I've also started to do this way by growing a forest to its mature state and cuting it all down and collecting wood when I need to.
  7. When I was at work, thinking all day long about gameplay, this is what I came up with. The Tent now acts as a night phase skipping dimension that also restores your hunger level with Voodoo magics. Wrong concept and lets scrap that! ... Presenting The New Tent! Step 1 / Question 1 - How do we will make people want to use it more? Build stage / Answer : Add the ability to restore health and sanity. Step 2 / Question 2 - How balance it out, so the gameplay isn't SO easy? Build stage / Answer : Make the abilities to cap at sertain point like - restore Health @ 35% of characters BASE Health pool rather than the CURRENT Health pool ( Regarding to Meat Effigy penalty) and increase Sanity by maybe 20%. Step 3 / Question 3 - How to prevent exploiting the benefits of sleeping ? Build stage / Answer : Make the abilities to depend on how much time you have left to sleep. Example - When you are HALFWAY through the night phase and you want to restore some HP and sanity, you would only gain 50% of the HP and sanity increase resulting in 17,5% Base HP and 10% of sanity restored, if the ability cap is 35% for HP and 20% for Sanity. Results Now we have a solid and somewhat balanced build or the whole concept for the Tent,Straw Roll usage. People would have to choose from crafting things and building the base all night long or skipping night phase to sleep and restore HP and Sanity. We could have more balanced food because now we have a solid HP restoring mechanic. There would be no more OP food items just for the cause of restoring your HP with 1 bite! And there would be less mmorpg style gameplay like gathering a stack or two of high HP healing food to destroy 10 spider nests in one day. There could be less spider nests, cause regaining health easier would be in sleeping, therefore making free room for extra content in future thus not making the world too BIG. Tent would serve its purpose as a more pernament object and/or fixed amount of uses. Straw Roll would serve as an emergency Tent for 1 night only for less requirement of resources than the Tent. Tweaking and Tuning in Future To make sleeping maybe more balanced, add hunger decrease penalty for useing Tent or Straw Roll. To make more dynamic HP(Only) restoration mechanic, make this: HP restoration cap is 20% if you sleep 100% of night phase time and on top of that add extra 25% healing cap based on the %% how much well fed you are. Resulting having to eat before sleeping would be more benefitial. When winter would come, the advantages changes. Everything is growing slower or isnt at all. Grass would be harder to gather, thus making Straw Roll more expensive. To balance this out - presuming winter will have some heat meter like hunger, you would have to sleep in a Straw Roll near a fireplace to keep warm or increase heat level rather than sleeping in a cold Tent. Applying firepit/campfire heat levels in distance similiar how to hatch an egg. There could be 4 distance stages for sleeping near campfire: No heat source or too far from would make the freeze meter to drop more than you would be staying awake all night. Close but not enough would make the same amount of freezeing penalty you could have stayed awake in the that certain spot but not on top of that like it was in previous stage. Comfort zone would NOT make heat meter to drop or raise. Sleeping to close would raise heat level significantly, but will restore much more less HP. I think this would be awesome purpose to use it, but I fear it would be TOO COMPLICATED for new players to figure it out when the game launches.