[beta] Reeds in the Sea

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While exploring a wickerbottom world I found a number of reeds plants in the sea. This was just below the ring thing setpiece. There were also 80 plants in total.

2017-10-12.thumb.png.3fc3b1ab7097ca99cd3d6fc6f083407e.pngPlease Note: I was using console commands before finding this.

Steps to Reproduce
Create World Find ring thing

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Oops, my word choice makes it look I used commands to spawn these. I meant that I had spawned in Items and an Alchemy engine before I found the reeds.

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I encountered the same problem when Shipwrecked just came out, though I only found a couple of sandbags at sea. I started playing again recently and found out that it's still not fixed.

This time it's different however, new things kept spawning on the same spot. It started with cutgrass, then more resources and sandbags spawned and eventually even wildbores and crabs.

Here are a few screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/SW6Yr

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.... ....

Yeah, I'm guessing this is the middle of your map. Position 0,0,0.  When something spawns in, it starts at 0,0,0 for an instant in time. If some other bug occurs, that stops the item from being moved to its intended home for some reason, it will remain there. 

So this could be a whole bunch of different errors over a long game that causes different things to end up there.

When you say there were 80 reeds, you mean all at that one spot? or spread out?

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