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Shadow creatures have annoyingly loud sfx

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Closed


For whatever reason shadow creatures emit a annoyingly loud noise whenever they spawn or are attacked that doesn't happen in DST. All my sound settings for DS are about the same so it's not that i've got one amped up really high while the others are low.

EDIT-- You can hear my noise whistling a little in the background lmao. Didn't realize my mic was on when I recorded it my bad.

Steps to Reproduce
Attack shadow creatures.
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There was an issue with shadow sounds that were fixed in DS at some point, and so now you can hear how they were intended to be heard. The same fix has not been applied to DST yet.

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.... ....

I think the bigger issue here is that the sounds are way too loud. They're way louder than they are when attacking a shadow in dst

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