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  1. Not only can Minisigns be placed on water, they also wont be able to be dug up once placed on it
  2. Good luck finding a blueprint for every hamlet, Shipwrecked and rog item you want universally craftable lol In General Wickerbottom's perk of having Knowledge of a science machine from the getgo seems to cause more issues than everybody likes
  3. Mods can't check for Hamlet compatibility properly. They can only check for DS, ROG and SW compatibility, which the game calls "compatible with everything", which in turn means the mod will be enabled for hamlet. This however can cause issues with certain mods that work with interior stuff for example. Having an additional check for Hamlet compatibility might be a good idea for mods due to this.
  4. Can we please get a fix for the ballphins?

    Right you are indeed
  5. If Dense Turf is placed Right next to a river tile in hamlet, boats can just sail on top of it, which causes the boat to break.
  6. Can we please get a fix for the ballphins?

    Kinda surprised a few Bugs like this dont even get a Response at least
  7. Planting a grass tuft on dense Turf creates small grass instead of tallgrass like it wouwhen planted on Deep Rainforest turf
  8. Maybe he's just trying to impersonate the koolaid man.
  9. Hamlet Worldcustomization

    Did you test it with Rainforest trees too though? Because that's what I tested it with and there it didn't Show any significant changes in number. With Things like Aloe, radishes and asparagus I actually more noticed that they do not get impacted by the "None" worldgen Option and figured they probably don't get impacted by the worldgen at all. However Rainforesttrees and Jungle Ferns do not Change in number when set to less (I checked multiple times now) And on top of that hanging_vine and grabbing_vine basically quadrupled when set to less, which is… concerning
  10. The amount of brambles spawned during lush Season (usually About 5000) results not only in low framerates at times, but can also cause world to be permanently unloadable due to there being too many prefabs being loaded in and the game running out of Memory. This heavily hinders Players with lower Hardware specs to Play in a world beyond lush Season. Especially if it is also considered that prefabs in Rooms you have not yet been in only get created upon entering said room, resulting in more and more Performance issues the longer the world is played in.
  11. It should be clear what the issue at Hand is.
  12. Several customization Options for worldgen dont seem to Impact anything. For instance Aloe, Asparagus and Radishes spawn regardless of the amount set. Another Thing is Generation of several other entities, such as jungle ferns, canopy vines, trees, etc, do not get impacted unless set to "None" This can also be proven by running c_countprefabs("prefab") in both a world with one of the above set to Default and another world with them set to "less" and comparing the numbers.
  13. Shadow creatures have annoyingly loud sfx

    I think the bigger issue here is that the sounds are way too loud. They're way louder than they are when attacking a shadow in dst
  14. The tinkerer's Tower in General seems like an interesting Concept but not well thought out execution to me
  15. Moggles and Hibernation vest can be crafted in a Hamlet world without having to buy the blueprint from the Tinkerer's tower