Inventory/Crafting SFX Glitch

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Closed

Since about halfway through the Beta, an interesting bug occurred. If I am using a PS4 controller and I craft something inĀ the crafting menu, it causes a sound issue to occur. After I've crafted, every single time I turn the camera, the crafting menuĀ opening/closing sound can be heard. The only thing that I found that stops this is if I press the right trigger (default controls) to open the inventory. This works most of the time, but it's not guaranteed to fix it.

I do not use any third party program to use the PS4 controller. I simply use Steam and the Don't Starve Hamlet game. I also do not use any mods when this occurs.

Don't Starve is easily one of my favorite games and I love the Hamlet expansion to death, but I turn the camera in the game a lot, and it is incredibly irritating to have to listen to the incessant clicking of a sound effect that should not be there. Having to open the inventory (which pauses the game) so incredibly often really breaks the flow for me and I simply haven't been able to enjoy this game in a while as a result of it.

You guys do amazing work, so I have faith you can figure this out. Thank you!

Steps to Reproduce
Create a mod-free world in Hamlet using Steam and a PS4 controller. Craft something in the crafting menu (literally anything) then begin turning the camera. Viola; unintended sound effect. Open inventory to temporarily correct.

User Feedback

Well, now I just feel silly.

You absolutely called it. I would have never thought to check that since the game was updating so frequently and I hadn't messed with those settings since Shipwrecked was in Beta. Thank you so very much. I'm going to go menace the hell out of some royal pig guards.

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