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Warrior mants are destroying my world

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

If you start the aporkalypse, mants will turn into warrior mants. mants also will multiply and constantly come out of their mant hill. So this leaves me with 2 mant nests in important areas (one next to my nettle farm, the other next to the aporkalypse ruins entrance) and i get max 3 fps when i come around 5-10 screens away from the hoard. They also follow you like mactusk, so if i happen to load the screen in, they will follow me to my base. This is really bad, because i have no way to kill around 100 mobs that all have 250 health.

Any ideas on how i can kill these warrior mants are appreciated.




Steps to Reproduce
start the aporkalypse, go to a mant hill. rinse and repeat.

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