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  1. I tamed an ornery beefalo in the last winter. When spring comes, the 100% tamed ornery beefalo is in heat. Fix this, please? Many thanks.
  2. Did you plant the magic water?
  3. Go into the shanty and then come out, the hedge will become like this. Quite weird. Press Q and press E, the hedges will become normal again.
  4. I have to say that the sound of planting roes into fish farms is really similar to the dumb birds' twittering.
  5. This is not a bug for me, and perhaps not for everyone. I could craft bee boxes indoors regardless of strong wind that appears in Hurricane season. It annoys me when the wind blows my flowers away.
  6. In Hamlet, Abigail is also a jerk. She steps on traps, blocks the doors and summons the darts. She will be aggressive against pigmen if you accidentally click your right mouse button.
  7. When putting the fishbone on the indoors floor, going out of the shanty and then enter the house, the bird will disappear. The bird will show itself again if carrying the fishbone to another room.
  8. Wagstaff's thumper doesn't have a map icon.
  9. Shop owners will say WHAT SAY YOU, UNPIG? to Wilba, the pig princess. This should be changed because Wilba herself is a pig. Pigmen also call Wilba UNPIG MAYOR when paying tax. Fix this issue please, thanks.
  10. It works well now. You can close this report. Thanks for your work!
  11. The iron boss will explode if being defeated. After the explosion, what the character says cannot be heard. Something goes wrong with the sound.
  12. Wormwood won't get sanity bonus when sowing seeds in improved farms.
  13. In SW, I mine a coral reef with an ancient pick/axe, and then the whole coral reef is totally destroyed. However, using a opulent pickaxe will just make the coral reef mined.
  14. I use a purple staff to gather all of the body pieces to summon the iron boss, but the pieces won't combine into the ultimate form. Instead, they just run everywhere and push each other.