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  1. Please no. Tencent company is a garbage. It has a terrible reputation among Chinese players. 99% of us hate Tencent. (Yeah I'm a Chinese I knew what Tencent has done to us.) They ruined countless games, for they only care about money. As for players' interest and feelings? They never care. If this is inevitable, it is definitely the worst news of the year.
  2. You are amazing Klei! You always listen to our voices. So glad to see crab king, crab hermit, Ancient guardian etc get their special adornments! Love you and will support you forever!
  3. It played for me when I tested Winter's Feast two weeks ago. At that time the official feast event was not available. I'm not sure if it's intended or not. Just ignore that.
  4. Yes, it does. When feasting, that music would automatically play. Oh yes, I forgot him. That unicorn should be also treated fairly. Justice for Ancient Guardian!
  5. Could you guys please make a magnificent adornment for the crab king? It will be so much appreciated if you do both the king one and the crab hermit one. Also, in RWYS beta, when feasting on festival tables, the Winter's Feast theme song doesn't play. This is perhaps a bug but I think the beta is reaching its end, so never mind. Love you KLEI!
  6. Five seeds, two papyrus, ten poops are needed to craft one Applied Horticulture book. This book can only be read by Wickerbottom to take effects. This book could only be read twice.(Nerf the durability.) This book could only be read one time per game day. Wickerbottom must have more than 33 sanity to read this book. The book takes effects just as before. (Not only 10 plants, but a full screen of plants.) These are my ideas.
  7. I tamed an ornery beefalo in the last winter. When spring comes, the 100% tamed ornery beefalo is in heat. Fix this, please? Many thanks.
  8. Did you plant the magic water?
  9. Go into the shanty and then come out, the hedge will become like this. Quite weird. Press Q and press E, the hedges will become normal again.
  10. I have to say that the sound of planting roes into fish farms is really similar to the dumb birds' twittering.
  11. When putting the fishbone on the indoors floor, going out of the shanty and then enter the house, the bird will disappear. The bird will show itself again if carrying the fishbone to another room.