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  1. It what time and in which time zone does the drop begin?
  2. Wrong description as Wilba?

    Currently no quotes for all characters when examining some pigs and prefabs. Hope they can work out the quotes.
  3. [Game Update] - 303992

  4. Vampire Bat Noises in house

    You'd better report your problem only once. Seeing four of your same bug reports on the first page is terrible.
  5. all shelf items disappear

    Sorry, sir. I didn't receive the notification of your reply. Here is my file.porkland_4 Thanks for your hard work. @bizziboi
  6. Use a blunderbuss to shoot foes, then something weird will happen. Bullets will be blocked by wood fences, stone walls, etc.
  7. It is peculiar that there are no people report this bug. After updates, all items on shelf disappeared. I lost my key to the city, pherostone and executive hammer.
  8. Shift+click despawns items

    Same problem. Sad.
  9. [Game Update] - 302970

    Besides, press shift+left mouse button will directly delete the items in inventories and boxes. Terrible bug, please fix this ASAP. @bizziboi
  10. [Game Update] - 302970

    In one of my old save files, items on the shelf disappeared after today's updates. I lost my key to the city and the executive hammer.
  11. You can use a console command, c_removeall("rabid_beetle"), then all rabid beetles will disappear.
  12. Wearing a brain of thoughts hat doesn't call out the volcanic tab in SW and the ancient tab in RoG. This happens in my three DLC capable world.
  13. This bug happened even in the closed beta, and it still there.
  14. I reported this befor Dec. 25, no reply. They ignored me even if I uploaded a crash information picture.
  15. I also hope that character skins and item skins can be used in DS. Payment is acceptable.