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Furniture Invisible - Key to the City built house

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Built a Slanty Shanty with the Key to the City tab, filled it with furniture and logged out. Upon logging back in, all the furniture is invisible. I can still collide with it, and the windows still provide light even though they can't be seen, but everything is invisible

I built a second house to test, and all its furniture vanished upon logging out and back in as well. The only thing that remained both times is the Bookshelf and any rugs

Pictures below are before logging out, and after logging out and back in



Steps to Reproduce
Build a Slanty Shanty with the Key to the City, fill it with furniture, log out. When you log back in, the items will be missing

User Feedback

my slanty slanty without built with key to city ( which means original one spawn with world gen)

also counter this problem

I've built four lit marble column, but after few games save and quit, they are gone

column bug.png

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Thanks for the report.

We found the cause for this, will have to discuss with the team. A fix should come soon after the weekend.

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