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Easy Pickings (Peagawk Feathers)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Once again, not a bug, but if you chase a Peagawk to the edge of the world, then picking all seven of their feathers becomes a trivial matter. I've included a screenshot of this situation, just in case my wording is not clear here. Perhaps this is intended, but I feel that it really cheapens Peagawk Feather gathering, though I am not sure of any simple way of fixing this short of adding a line or two of code to the Peagawk's AI coding.

If this is not the intended location for players to post non-bug exploits that exist in the Early Access version of Don't Starve: Hamlet, feel free to link me to the proper location where I should post such things, and I will be sure to only post appropriate content here henceforth.


Steps to Reproduce
Chase a Peagawk towards the edge of the world, particularly to one with a small area "jutting out" like in the provided screenshot. Pick that thing's plumage 'til it's plum tuckered out.

User Feedback

I have no idea how else we would pick feathers atm, without using a blow dart or boomerang. "They" say petals or vegetables on the ground will distract the peagawk, but it still just runs away when you get close to it so.....

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