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  1. Once again, not a bug, but if you chase a Peagawk to the edge of the world, then picking all seven of their feathers becomes a trivial matter. I've included a screenshot of this situation, just in case my wording is not clear here. Perhaps this is intended, but I feel that it really cheapens Peagawk Feather gathering, though I am not sure of any simple way of fixing this short of adding a line or two of code to the Peagawk's AI coding. If this is not the intended location for players to post non-bug exploits that exist in the Early Access version of Don't Starve: Hamlet, feel free to link me to the proper location where I should post such things, and I will be sure to only post appropriate content here henceforth.
  2. ...Hundreds of hours of play time, and I did not know this. Wow, thank you so much!
  3. Not exactly a typical 'bug', per se, but it is certainly an unintended issue: after mining rocks within the entrance room of the Cave Cleft, the items that are dropped may occasionally settle behind the graphics for the Spooky Hole. Normally this isn't an issue, as you can just rotate the screen around, but in here, that's not an option. Now, although I was able to just barely click the pixel to pick up the item (a gold nugget, go figure) that was nearly completely hidden behind the graphic, it most certainly required an excessive amount of finesse. Since I imagine this is not an intended feature of the game, I wanted to make sure it was indicated in the bug forum.