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Aporkalypse Calender stuck.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Before Day 62, I located the Ancient Pig Ruins containing the Aporkalypse Calender. I fiddled with it a tiny bit, seeing how it works. I made it move forwards and backwards, then left it alone. On Day 62, I went into the Ruins and found the calender was stuck in the position depicted in the picture. No matter how long I sat on either plate, it would not budge. Due to my prior fiddling, the Aporkalypse didn't actually start until Day 68. (Even though townsfolk had been talking about it since Day 62.)

I'm just going to assume my current save is dead until this is resolved. Stuck in this little room, with no hope.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Start HAM world. 2. Locate Aporkalypse Calender. Fiddle with it prior to Day 62. 3. Return at a later date.
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