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  1. [Game Update] - 309851

    I hope you guys don't get too caught up in any bull or drama with epic. Ethical and epic don't exactly mix too well in my opinion.
  2. wormwood

    He doesn't just bloom. He has 3 different stages of bloom. During blooming he has a 1.2 speed multiplier and hunger drain. During the third stage he has a 2 times hunger drain. Which only happens during "4/6" of the season. Which I assume to mean day 7 to day 8 of a season that lasts 12 days.
  3. O. well go and make a new world. And instead of starting the world look at the presets. (longer days, more carrots, ect) Next to them should be the cave presets which includes turning them on. Edit: I reread what you said. And a dedicated server is a bit harder than hosting it your self through the client. there is a wiki page on this that should help. A trick I heard but haven't tried is to make a server on the client and then you can copy the preset from there to the dedicated server. Is this a windows server or a Linux one? Edit: 2 This should roughly cover the stealing from the client method.
  4. Normally you decide before you generate the world. You might be able to edit the files to change that but I'm not sure at the moment.
  5. Any chance its similar to this bug?
  6. qol control_scrollback crash

    As far as I can tell this is specific bug is fixed in 302970
  7. qol Starting hamlet+rog save crash

    Fixed in 302970
  8. [Game Update] - 302970

    I can make a new world just fine now. I spawned magic on the ground and spawned silly string on the ground. I used it to travel to rog and I ran into a few problems. To be clear this is day 1. First I got a spring start which was fine. But then I had hounds start to spawn a few seconds later. And some biomes seem to be as dark as night during the evening. build 302970
  9. Trying to load a hamlet world with rog compatibility instantly crashes to desktop. No crash report.
  10. I saw Jason commented on this already. Here is the obligatory bug report. Happens when messing with crafting.
  11. A lot of grass

    I also have dropped frames from large piles of grass. And I haven't played with any mods. And don't get me started on pigs lighting 500 grass on fire all at once. Its not that 1 set piece of grass causes it but when several set pieces of grass spawn right next to each other. Same with places like the jungle from all the mobs that pile up every year but never despawn.
  12. Looks like it might be related to this bug for shipwrecked that was fixed.
  13. I'm not sure how you are playing hamlet on console. But you may be able to see the crash log in one of these locations. Make sure you get the log after a crash and before you reopen the game.
  14. If you cant craft gunpowder you could buy coconades.
  15. Does Grass Suit have a use?

    I think the grass suit is one of the more under rated items. Its better than I find people give it credit for.