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  1. why did you join the klei forums?

    To report bugs and comment on the bug tracker
  2. [Game Update] - 371502

    You may be aware, but I would leave mod bug reports to the mod devs since they are the ones who will probably know if its a klei issue or not.
  3. This is the only way I've found that doesn't cause massive gas deletion. I once did a comparison awhile back and a flooded electro made I think about double the hydrogen that a normal open air 3 pump design did. Edit: Using the same amount of water that is.
  4. [Game Update] - 365655

    Good job. Although I was wondering if the extra work needed for a beta branch would be worth it to keep the game feeling stable. You've got the release crowd who have waited for the stability of release and steam forces an update if you want to try and play modded.
  5. Okay who is going to be the one who reads it so the rest of us don't have to?
  6. You are using bunker doors for your green houses? And dupes are poping up there too. Are you growing dupes? And if so are the bunker doors scaring them to make them run? I think i need more info.
  7. As Much as I disliked epic for their actions well before this deal took place. If I recall correctly the actual huge wave of backlash to epic didn't really get into gear until about a week after this deal with klei was announced. Klei might very well be fine with this deal for all future games as far as I know. But in their defense, so far they haven't publicly signed onto any deals with this large of an outcry. I'd like to think that internally klei is simply trying to get through their contract without badmouthing their new partner. But after reading some of their responses in the live stream I'm not so sure that is the case right now. Their focus was more on the exclusivity. When my problem is less on the exclusivity and more so on the (for lack of a better word) cancer that they have partnered with. If the deal was with another steam then the only problem would be the annoyance of another launcher to download.
  8. Yes, giving people money who do horrible things means you are providing them financial support. I would ask you to reconsider this argument because the logic is sound on my end. If I may, it sounds like your actual point, and excuse me if this is straw manning, is that when you only have 1 choice in purchasing something you need or want that doesn't mean when you buy it you agree with the practice. In which case I would agree with you. Personally I can be quoted on these very forums bashing epic for being unethical before epic started restricting games to their platform. As restricting games is only the most popular of their tomfoolery and any 1 of the reasons I listed is enough for me to ignore a game or platform.
  9. There are ethical reasons why someone may be upset with EGS. Such as the terrible treatment of their staff. To such a point epic pretend they are not even people. Then there are security reasons. Forget all the security breaches they have had if tencent games has any say on what goes on expect anything you put on that platform to be compromised intentionally. You may want to run the game store in the same environment you would a virus. I'm not saying it is a virus but this is something you should have 0 trust in it not being a virus. There is also the anti consumer angle which made the whole thing famous. Where epic attempt to take away consumer choice to no benefit of the consumer and sometimes not even the developers. I'm not saying klei didn't ultimately make the right choice for them selves. But everything epic is doing is making things worse for the gaming industry as a whole. Its not just that the game is on the store front. It means we would be supporting all of the above if we choose to try and play this game unless we wait out the arbitrary 1 year exclusive.
  10. Unfortunately this will be the first klei alpha I can't participate in for the last decade. I'm glad klei can get the money bags they deserve but I am still ultimately disappointed. Half the EGS controversy is about developer mistreatment such as crunch time. Even if its not the half that made it famous.
  11. [Game Update] - 348892

    Or "verify your game files" should also work instead of restarting steam.
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

  13. This might be intended because I made a similar bug report a couple years ago on ds and a dev commented on it.
  14. [Game Update] - 341281

    I was expecting that to go the other way. Now its what? A reskinned meat effigy with a sanity aura? I'm fine with that but why would someone fight the Pugalisk for bone shards and a meat effigy reskin?
  15. [Game Update] - 338375

    Replace "lunacy" with "lunar" and it will probably sound right. Its the island effect.