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  1. You may be aware, but I would leave mod bug reports to the mod devs since they are the ones who will probably know if its a klei issue or not.
  2. Good job. Although I was wondering if the extra work needed for a beta branch would be worth it to keep the game feeling stable. You've got the release crowd who have waited for the stability of release and steam forces an update if you want to try and play modded.
  3. Or "verify your game files" should also work instead of restarting steam.
  4. This might be intended because I made a similar bug report a couple years ago on ds and a dev commented on it.
  5. I was expecting that to go the other way. Now its what? A reskinned meat effigy with a sanity aura? I'm fine with that but why would someone fight the Pugalisk for bone shards and a meat effigy reskin?
  6. Replace "lunacy" with "lunar" and it will probably sound right. Its the island effect.
  7. Very nice. I assume we should still avoid wormholes for the moment? Edit: No worries on my end. Content looks good so far.
  8. Same issue. I think this is my latest save file. Slot 1, beta 335011, overworld, 100% vanilla, no cheats, and should be day 6. save.7z
  9. A glow berry will heal you for 8+3 health so 11. Minus 3 so he should heal for 8 if the wiki is correct about him taking 3 damage from raw food. Is the problem that he can heal or that he doesn't heal enough? Are you sure it was 7 and not 8 health gained?
  10. It looks like what you really need is for the snake skin hat to do its job and protect you from lightning. I would suggest that this is the real issue.
  11. A workaround until this is fixed might be to give your self the blue print. Which in console might look something like.. c_give("grass_umbrella_blueprint")
  12. I hope you guys don't get too caught up in any bull or drama with epic. Ethical and epic don't exactly mix too well in my opinion.
  13. As far as I can tell this is specific bug is fixed in 302970