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  1. Klei could probably do some kind of robot if they wanted to for end game content. They could act identically to dupes but instead of food require coal or power fed to them. They wouldn't need oxygen to breath but can't easily be healed of damage. I wouldn't put it in the game now. But maybe once the tech tree expands a bit more I can see it working. The automation the game already has seems to be a lot to take in already for the game. So I wouldn't put any bets on programming my own robot brain making it into the game any time soon. Unless it was made to be really simple. Which I don't think is exactly what op is looking for.
  2. The volcano staff can be fun to kill stuff with. Especially as its environmental damage so no agro. The axe is still better than a normal axe if you ever find your self using one. The spear is really good with the spear gun. As it 1 shots many mobs such as Crocodogs from a safe distance. The armor is basically easy to farm scalemail with a downside 3 of the 4 seasons. Really good with saving durability from your head slot armor and fighting around fire.
  3. Why can't I place this trap???

    We can always try and brute force it. c_spawn("trap_teeth") .It will spawn a tooth trap where your mouse pointer is. Go ahead and delete some other tooth trap so we are not cheating in resources.
  4. If you look at the server browser are there any servers with low ping? Or are all of them high ping? Also the forge is always hosted by klei. Not you. So you have to hope they have a server near you to get good ping for that. But you should be able to host a decent server for normal dst.
  5. Its still better for making a vacuum. It doesn't matter if the mini pump isn't as efficient if its using less power to pump the same packet of low pressure gas.
  6. Germs in Water

    I will savior that sand and build a monument out of dead dupes to worship it.
  7. Opinions on the forge update

    I thought the same thing. But what I later found out is you can also open chests with your keyboard (enter key) and its not nearly as painful. Just make sure your mouse is hovering over the open button.
  8. Opinions on the forge update

    Its fun. A few things still feel unfinished and there were some bugs awhile I was playing. Chat is fairly basic providing the bare minimum required to communicate. I would not mind some call outs I could use with a hotkey. Even then simple text doesn't seem to always work as someone taking a mental break could easily miss repeated calls of action by their party. Another way would be to do what portal co-op did. Where you can look at a wall and place a clearly identifiable object somewhere to get your attention and perhaps to do something. For example, lets say your team mate is knocked out and you really want Wilson to revive them. But they are having trouble noticing their party member is down. The downed party member could place some glowing icon near them showing Wilson where they are and what they want them to do. Some characters do seem just better than other characters. Namely Maxwell. He doesn't really bring anything to the table that someone else can't already do better. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not every character has to be easy mode. But I really just don't feel like playing Maxwell. Maybe its because his perks don't feel all that interesting. And even worse is how you can't even really use his shadow perk until late game when you get a fire staff. And that is only if your team decides not to steal it from you. Ever play from start to finish with just your starting book? Yea its not very fun. I also really don't like how reviving and picking up items are on the same key but that is a small issue. Anyway to end this without spending too much time. This is just what I came up with in a moments notice. I'm sure I could add more but I do enjoy the event. Edit: We need a gesture wheel or something to remember all the chat commands.
  9. How does that work when replanting?
  10. Are you on the stable version or the beta? If the coal generator is below a specific threshold of coal and is below your set battery % then the next available dupe should deliver coal depending on your dupe priorities. Are your dupes idle or busy with other more important jobs? Even at priority 9 your dupes will eat, poop, and breath first unless you call red alert. The coal generator will happily sit idle if your batteries are full and its not going to ask for more coal every tick. It needs some available space before it will ask to be refilled. Perhaps a screen shot or even a video could help us better help you. The key is in the details.
  11. Screen shots? Game version? We need details. My first guess would be to check for a backwards gas bridge.
  12. If you can reproduce it from a save file than yes that would probably be helpful for klei. Granted this bug was caused by saving. So it might not carry over to them. I'm sure I've seen this bug somewhere else as well.
  13. If the only thing that changed was you reloaded your save then its probably your regulator. Deconstruct and reconstruct it and that might work.
  14. Toadstool w. Gunpowder

    If you are quick you can use gunpowder on the toadstool awhile its sleeping or some other stun mechanic. But be careful. Gunpowder has a really small hitbox. You need to place the gunpowder right up next to him. Also make sure to use a small break between stacks like everyone else has said. The gunpowder resistance has a wait time of 8 and a delay of 2 which I assume are seconds. So make sure and wait at least 10 seconds between stacks.
  15. [Game Update] - 238439

    Hmm.. that shouldn't matter in this case.. but there is logic to the suggestion as I can't repro the problem, yet it seams easy for other people to. I have never installed the mod let alone used it in sw. And I have this problem as well. And if I recall correctly I was able to produce this problem in my (at the time) completely vanilla world.