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Wormwood taking slow damage for no reason.

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I have varified multiple times that they have bot been poisoned, nor are they starving. Nor freezing or any other status condition. There is no cause for the damage. Wormwood is just taking tiny amounts of damage steadily over time. I tried looking this up via google, but none of his pages mention such a drawback. I tried steam, but you guys not allowing us to post there meant I could find no help there either.

Can someone please help me? This has been happening across servers. At one point in the game, he just starts slowly bleeding health until he dies. And even after coming back to life, it soon starts again.

Steps to Reproduce

Just play wormwood for a while, it usually starts a few days in for me. Its a very slow trickle. Its almost like W8 takes in the rain, except no sparks. 

User Feedback

Been playing Wormwood recently i'm 56 days into my world and i cannot reproduce the issue you are having.

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My apologies. Yes, I am sure wormwood is loosing health. Its slow, but it caused some major problems. And no mods, I have never played with any mods, and none have ever been downloaded. I can't show you a screenshot. I did not think that would help, given i would need to take them constantly in hopes of getting one red flash in the screenshot. And showing my health total wouldn't prove that I didn't take damage from elsewhere. So I never attempted to take one.

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