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wendy new bug

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@ScottHansen Hello sir~ I found a recent bug about Wendy (according to my own test, other characters have not yet this situation).

The implementation principle of this bug: First of all, this bug is about sanity,I found Wendy will recover 15 spirit points when entering the cave and returning to the ground,The same is for example, if you enter a room and choose Wendy in the case of dissatisfaction of mental value (for example, only a little loss of mental value can be tested) you exit this room and reconnect to enter this room. The same as when going up and down the cave.

ps: use this bug can be easily recovered san.

I also recorded a gif of the bug principle. If this gif is not clear what I mean, I will upload the log file of the server.Hope it helps,Thank you sir.

GIF 2020-6-11 14-45-58.gif

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Looks like an issue with the way the game handles Abigai's summoning mechanic. You gain 15 sanity when you summon her and lose 15 (iirc) when you unsummon her.

Since followers don't carry over from overworld to caves or vice versa, I'm guessing the surface Abigail despawns after Wendy has despawned, thereby preventing the sanity loss, while the cave Abigail spawns after Wendy has spawned in and so you get the corresponding +15 sanity boost without having first lost it.

My computer got kinda... fried last night so I can't test it myself, but I believe your sanity will be unaffected if you enter the caves while Abigail is in the flower. (Since the game won't summon her once you spawn into the caves.)

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