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Walter's Slingshot draws aggro of mobs even if they are attacking something else

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Walter's slingshot draws aggro from mobs even if they were attacking another mob. This is because the OnPreHit function(which handles the aggro disable) is set to the OnHit function instead of OnPreHit.


Something like


should work.

(A SetOnPreHitFn function will need to be defined on components/projectile.lua too)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Play Walter
2. Attack a mob agroed on another mob
3. The mob will aggro on you despite it attacking the other mob

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User Feedback

I knew it!the slingshot doesn't work as it was told

we can't use it to kill queen bee while it's fighting with another boss,one shot will get it's attention

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I’ll leave this here someone says “but this isn’t a bug”:



It’s been nearly a year, and the slingshot is still broken.

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