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  1. what is uber l33t? I see you guys say this all the time but never get what it is
  2. There really needs to be a more concise form like Q & A: Q: is systematic oven still feasible? A: it is feasible, but either the reliability decreases or the structure becomes more complex (3 burnning points) Q: what is the core that changes combustion? A: the temperature of the target hit by the snowball becomes 3 times lower than before and changes randomly. Q: what data is particularly worth mentioning? A: the target hit by the snowball reaches the flash point in 3.5 seconds at the fastest and 14 seconds at the slowest.
  3. It's nearly impossible to avoid burnning any Non renewable resources after 4、5 summer,mostly you won't notice something is on fire when you're on road, you just find them burned on your way back. If wildfire can be noticed immediately when it happen, maybe I will accept it.
  4. what's going on...is this a bug? is this by purpose? have the developer seen this report? running me up to wall...
  5. I knew it!the slingshot doesn't work as it was told we can't use it to kill queen bee while it's fighting with another boss,one shot will get it's attention
  6. Have I miss something?the update didn't mention that. Beefalos' attack speed is already lower than characters' ,I don't think it's necessary to make chilli don't affect them.
  7. OK,it's nicely fixed,it turns out I miss the lastet update. please close this report~~~thx
  8. there're 3 ways to use crow carnival event,none of them works. ·create a new game with crow carnival setting ·use the console ·use event mod to change the world setting there are no MR. good feather nearby where the game start even if I use the console to add MR. good feather and the carnival tree into the game,when ringing the bell on the tree,character replys “they are all gone”
  9. I have tried very hard but still can't upload an image. even if I set and delete all kinds of light near the hand of the stage(not too near, like half screen far)over and over, it doesn't response.
  10. any kinds of light won't work Torch bonfire dwarf star Lantern morning star glowworm