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Thulecite Club Shadow Tentacles only attacking once

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With Walter coming soon and him having a shadow tentacle based range weapon, I figured now would be the time to repost this bug that didn't get noticed last year.


In both single player and DST, Thulecite clubs will create a shadow tentacle which will only attack once and then idles for 8 seconds. Given how their file has an attack period coded in (same as tentacles), the fact that they only attack once in 9 seconds seems like a bug and essentially makes thulecite clubs unusable. 

Steps to Reproduce
To replicate, start a world, enter godmode, spawn in a club and a treeguard or any other boss, attack until a tentacle spawns and just observe it. It only attacks immediately after spawning (which seems hard coded in the ruins_bat file) then the shadowtentacle file just idles for the remainder of it's life. With two players in DST with PVP you can also test this by attacking the other player who is standing perfectly still, when spawned, the tentacle does it's one double whip then just idles, same as with bosses. I'm not great at LUA but it looks like shadow tentacles are missing the retarget function (which normal tentacles have) and that shouldkeeptarget is not working as intended. This is in both single player and DST. 
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User Feedback

I was aware of this, but I assumed it was intentional to curb the otherwise-rampant bonus DPS of the tentacles. Even one pair of tentacle swipes per 5 strikes raises effective damage per hit of the club from 59.5 to 73.1, higher than the morning star on wet targets. Three pairs of swipes would raise them above blow darts.

Walter's Cursed Rounds summon tentacles every other hit, instead of every 5 hits, raising their effective damage per hit from 51 to 85. Multiple pairs of swipes would raise this damage much faster than it would raise the thulecite club's, since they summon tentacles much more frequently; a single extra pair of swipes would raise it to 119.

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I'm not sure if this was addressed in the recent Thulecite Club buff but when I test it on a dummytarget it appears that the tentacles do indeed hit twice before despawning.

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