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  1. Adding on to this, having the exact same issue with ghosts spawning from graves on the surface. Very likely these are both related.
  2. Nightmarebeaks and crawling nightmares are not properly despawning when the cycle ends. It doesn't seem to be effecting all of them, possibly only the ones unloaded while the cycle is active?
  3. I killed the new boss on 4117. That seems to have forced the world into a new moon state. 10 days later I had the full moon on 4127. This just seems to be my new moon cycle now.
  4. Summer ended but the oasis remained filled and can be fished from. I killed the new boss on day 4117 and began fishing on 4118 It's now 4133 (autumn began on 4131) and the oasis is still filled and fishable.
  5. I understand that they may not have provided you with an easy to use API, but the entire field of software development exists to create solutions to problems that don't have pre-existing ones. I'd really have to see more to give a more specific and actionable solution, but consider the following: # This program takes a list of all Klei accounts as well a blacklist of "banned" accounts. # It then adds to your clipboard a list of all accounts - blacklist accounts and formats # it to be comma delimited allowing you to simply ctrl-v at the start of a campaign. import pyperclip # Opens whitelist. This could be an auto generated list of Klei accounts linked with Twitch accounts. # If there is no more linking of accounts then this could just be a list of all Klei accounts # accompinied with a new change such that streamers have their Klei display name exactly match their # name on twitch. wl = set(open('whitelist.txt').read().split()) # Opens blacklist. This would be a list that you keep on your end that keeps the name of accounts # that have broken rules and been removed from the drop pool. bl = set(open('blacklist.txt').read().split()) # This copies to the clipboard a comma delimited list of all klei accounts eligible for drops. # i.e. this removes all accounts from the black list and allows you to simply ctrl v. pyperclip.copy(','.join(wl - bl)) # On a typical desktop running windows, this would not encounter a problem until you had a list of # accounts (which is just plain text) that exceeded 2GB in size. This means you'd have to have over # 400 million accounts registered to Klei before you began to encounter problems with the above solution. # At that point other solutions are doable, but would require more specifics on your system and needs. The above program proposes simple semi-automation to the specific problem you mentioned about having to copy and paste a coma delimited list for the whitelist and adds in blacklist functionality on your end; you don't need this provided by Twitch when you could create your own. Googledocs also has API allowing for scripts to edit them more easily. If you can't use the Google provided API for whatever reason, there are other ways to interact with webpages through scripts allowing you to create a personalized and automated or semi-automated solution for anything a human can do on a computer. This includes removing names, even if they are paginated, but would require looking at the specific system to create a specific solution. You already sound exasperated by the amount of manual work involved in getting one drops campaign up and running. If you continue to do this manually there's no doubt that it won't be long before it's too much effort for the payoff. If you intend for drops to actually stay around, it's worth the time investment to create your own backend. Offer still stands, I'm willing to collaborate with Klei to help you guys and gals create your own backend, independent of Twitch, free of charge. I want this system to be fair, inclusive, and fully transparent.
  6. Even if the first line was a typo and was referring to the old system. He goes on to state: "With the new Twitch drops API, there is no concept of blocking or unlinking accounts for Streamers, ONLY whitelisting." He would have to have mistyped the most critically important part of that statement twice in a row for that interpretation to make sense. He directly states that there is no concept of blocking or unlinking in the new system. Both of these terms would be synonymous in meaning to the concept of removing someone from the whitelist. If Klei is able to un-whitelist people there should be no problem with just accepting literally everyone who "applies". Joe even stated that the problems from the twitch community were extremely rare anyways. Being able to remove people from the whitelist (unlinking/blocking them from distributing drops) would let Klei create their own self maintained blacklist to stop drop abusers. With this being such an obvious and simple solution, it just wouldn't make sense for that to be the case. I don't think Joe double typo'd, but if he did, I'd be more interested in to hear why they wouldn't adopt an auto accept all approach especially when it sounds like they need to push a new whitelist for each drop campaign based on this quote he said earlier: "However, I still have to deal with the challenge of manually adding participants for each campaign, and I really don't know how that's going to work out in the long term. " It'd be easy to make a script that just remembers the accounts of people who have applied and also maintain a personal blacklist of people Klei won't reapply. Anyways, money where my mouth is, Klei, feel free to contact me if you think setting up your own program for this is something that you don't have the resources for, while I'm a full time streamer now, I was a programmer with a specialty in securities two jobs ago.
  7. I'd still like to hear from an actual Klei employee rather than your guess.
  8. This is literally the opposite of what JoeW officially said though. To emphasis: "With the new twitch drop system we CAN'T ban or otherwise block bad behavior....With the new system there is NO concept of blocking or unlinking accounts for streamers ONLY whitelisting." It's possible that JoeW catastrophically misspoke to the point that he accidentally typed the exact opposite of what he meant, but I'd like to hear from the actual source. If Klei can actually edit the whitelist (which is again, the exact opposite of what JoeW typed), then that would be really good. It means Klei would have a lot of power but could still create a transparent and fair system on their end: They could create a quick script which automatically adds anyone who "applies" to the whitelist. They could then manually update their own blacklist for their script which prevents people who have abused the system from being auto added to the whitelist again. This way it's a fully transparent system that allows Klei to remove drop abusers. It wouldn't matter if twitch has a blacklist feature or not as it would be their own script that has it and prevents abusers from automatically getting back in. This system would also allow for an innocent until proven guilty methodology and would fix all the concerns with smaller streamers being left out as well as the fear of favoritism that some may have. However, because that is the exact opposite of what JoeW typed and how easy a solution this would be that would fix literally every concern mentioned by everyone in this thread, I am inclined to trust the Klei staff who stated that they cannot remove from said whitelist.
  9. Thank you for explaining the situation more clearly. This does a much better job of explaining why you need to be more picky in who is whitelisted for drops as it's a permanent choice that can't be undone. I'd say this is such a critical piece of information that you may want to consider editing this into your first comment. (Let me know if I'm misinterpreting this paragraph though.) That said though, my primary question after this response is how does Klei expect to have both a protected and inclusive system of drops going forward without the ability to un-whitelist or blacklist/ban ne'er-do-wells? You've stated that whitelisting cannot be undone with the new system and I'd say that's the biggest problem of the past (twitch not actually moderating the system on their end to block people breaking ToS) and it will remain the primary problem going forward. Consider, the rise of the 24/7 ad spamming drop abusing streamer didn't happen overnight or randomly out of luck; a demand for the service they provided existed (and still exists). As I mentioned previously, there are many people who do not use twitch and have no interest in it, they simply AFK for their drops. For those people, a stream that is both always on and has drops enabled is the best way to ensure that they get their free skin without having to actually watch a stream. The market's demand was there and is still there now for the type of service those rule-breakers provided. So, you've stated that going forward the only system to prevent someone from trying to fill the profitable space that will now be left vacant is that Klei does not whitelist the wrong person. How will Klei predict that a streamer who is legitimately streaming now will not change course to fill this demand after getting approved for drops? It doesn't even take one bad apple slipping through the cracks for us to end up in exactly the same situation we were in before, it just takes 1 person being tempted by easy money. Because of the above stated problems, there is no way to make the program inclusive and also safeguard against the rise of the previous problems we faced (drop abusers). Does Klei have any plan in place to preempt these concerns though? Some streamers are known to have personal insider connections to Klei for instance - how do we as a community know that they and their acquaintances won't get preferential treatment? With no transparency in the choices being made or why they were made what safeguard do we the community have against a cronyistic system arising where people aren't added for the merits and contributions and positive influences but instead being added because they know the right people? This is great to hear and perhaps should also be edited in to your first post. As a suggestion, it'd also be great if you utilized the other platforms you have to share points with (for example twitter or facebook). You give people a 1 time bonus for following, but it'd be nice to incentivize people to be active there too. They don't always have to be huge multi-thousand points, just quick expiring (like 3-7days for 200-500 points or so). This would really reward people who are invested in the community and actively following it everywhere and not just the forums and twitch. I hope none of that came across as hostile or rude, but just as genuinely concerned. Personally, despite having my entire career (a full time streamer) made by the existence of drops in DST, if I had been given the choice you were, I'd have gone with no drops until Twitch could provide a way for Klei directly to blacklist or ban streamers who are negatively impacting the DS/T community without having to jump through hoops and hope that Twitch actually does something and enforces its own ToS. If Klei had the ability to ban people who were abusing the drop system (from the drop system, not entirely from twitch) then you could have designed your side of the system to automatically whitelist anyone who applies and simply blacklist rulebreakers. That would actually create an inclusive system and fix the issue with rule-breakers. Disclaimer: I am not saying there is anything wrong with viewers AFKing on twitch, I feel like some points are getting mixed up in this thread. I am simply stating that because said people exist, there exists a demand that gives way to the rise of AFK streamers which was the issue before.
  10. The new system is happening whether we like it or not, but I'd still like to voice that I don't like the change (where Klei has to hand pick who does and doesn't have drops) and how it will negatively impact the category on Twitch. First, there are many people who play DST who have no interest in watching DST or live streams in general. These people 100% will continue to just open the first stream and idle with the tab muted and ad blocker enabled. The notion that a rule breaking channel was actively hurting streamers by "stealing potential viewers" is pure and unadulterated hubris. This may artificially inflate the view count and ego of a few streamers who were already number 1 on the category, but it's just that; artificial. Thus, this change does not actually impact established streamers as there was never a loss of potential viewership. Now as for how this change will hurt the category: By creating an application process you are creating two more steps that a streamer has to go through to enable drops; 1 is to find and fill out the form and 2 is to wait for approval. Let's go through both of these and how they are bad for the health of the category. First, by creating the extra step of needing to apply, this introduces a fair few problems by itself. People need to find the place to apply. People who are new to the game and have never been to the forums may have no idea what to do. If there is a quick link to apply on twitch the process of having to apply and having no history of streaming DS/T may discourage many from even hitting submit in the first place. Next, how many languages are you going to advertise this change in? How many languages will you have the application form available in? How much harder will this be for non-English streamers to find or even do? Furthermore, by having Klei hand-picking through these applications, there will be a delay on getting approved. How long will it take small streamers to get approved? The uncertainty of how long the process will take, especially for smaller streamers who are new to the category, is likely going to turn people off from applying at all. Finally, the fact that it is a lottery, being forced to apply and then just hope that your accepted is likely going to turn off even more people: "Well I have to first stream the game with no drops thus severely limiting my audience and preventing any chance of getting raided. Then after doing that for a while I need to fill out a form (possibly in a foreign language). Then I just have to hope that I get picked so that finally I can have a chance of finding an audience." At that point, before most people have even filled out an application, they'll just be looking for a different game to stream. This removes streamers and their smaller audiences from the pool of potential actual DST viewers and moves them to other categories which further lowers DSTs potential to be found on Twitch since categories are ranked by number of viewers. Alternatively: If you actually wanted to help the category, a better solution would be to have alternative ways for DST players to obtain drops without being forced to "watch" a service that they have no interest in as this would remove the artificially higher viewer count that accompanies a new drop release. This would also discourage said rule breakers as the people who do choose to get their drops from twitch would actually be watching, thus be aware of the content that they clicked on and would encourage them to actively seek out creators that they enjoy. This is at least one other solution which would naturally have fixed the current problems in streaming DST on twitch without creating new ones that severely limit the potential of new and small streamers to approach the category. And yet another change that has been mentioned on the forums before would be the merger of the DST and DS category. We are essentially splitting our viewership across 2 different games and Twitch has a good system to filter by game mode within a category. For example, Hearthstone doesn't have a different category for it's radically different game "battlegrounds." It exists in the same category under Hearthstone which keeps all the franchise's viewers in a single place. This would pool all DS/T viewers together to help the category more easily be found by people browsing Twitch. I doubt any of that will help or bring about change as things have already been decided without Klei addressing the community or asking for input on this decision, but I just needed to get that out there. Hopefully this helps others who feel the same way feel encouraged to express their opinion too even if it isn't just stunning praise and agreement with Klei's choices.
  11. Beefalo bonded with a bell will run away at max speed from their owner when you dismount or get bucked off. This AI bug is so bad that many players are no longer using the bell as intended (to form a better and long lasting connection with a beefalo, a bond some may even call it). Instead, players are just using a bell on a beefalo before changing servers and as soon as they load in they break the bond. This also makes naming your beefalo pointless as they don't retain their name when the bond is broken (which is 99% of the time you use a beefalo with the current AI bug). If this is intended (that a bonded beefalo is virtually unusable and that we are supposed to break the bond before using it and simply use the bell to change servers), then please let us know!
  12. Credit where credit is due: Klei had a fantastic 2020. DST improved as a game massively with a great year of patches and listening to feedback from a passionate fan base. But ending a big once a year event like this, randomly, on a Wednesday night (or Thursday morning depending where you live) with no forewarning is indefensibly bad. I don't anticipate Klei can or will do anything about this issue this time around, but I sincerely hope they get enough constructive feedback about this that going forward they give us more solid dates for when an update is ending. Heck, I even feel a bit cheated by the sudden ending if I'm completely honest. You went so far as to create a rewards link with the address "wintersfeast2020" which is set to expire on January 17th, and that was solidly announced ahead of time (in the original post announcing the start of winter's feast), but given the links name, it felt like that would also be when winter's feast 2020 would end. The quick rug pull feels bad. I understand that Klei does not like giving hard dates for when things will start, as delays can happen, but an end date and time is something that is fully under your control, it shouldn't be a surprise. Please reconsider the policy that lead to this sudden event ending going forward.
  13. With Walter coming soon and him having a shadow tentacle based range weapon, I figured now would be the time to repost this bug that didn't get noticed last year. In both single player and DST, Thulecite clubs will create a shadow tentacle which will only attack once and then idles for 8 seconds. Given how their file has an attack period coded in (same as tentacles), the fact that they only attack once in 9 seconds seems like a bug and essentially makes thulecite clubs unusable.
  14. Vortex cloak is refueled by 5% for a single nightmarefuel, this represents 22.5 health of armor. Because of how armor works, no matter how much damage a player would take in a single hit, so long as armor has more than 0 health, it will block as if it had enough hp, so for vortex cloak, even with 22.5 hp it will block infinite damage once before going to 0%. However, if refueled by an odd number of nightmare fuel (leaving it with a decimal number) it will actually block 2 attacks regardless of how much damage the player receives, the first attack bringing it down to 1% (which is actually 0.5 hp) and the second clearing the decimal to actually 0 but will show -0%. This most likely has to do with a previously "fixed" bug where the vortex cloak would permanently get stuck at 1% (which was also it getting stuck at .5 hp in reality) but would never break as it didn't clear the decimal and thus was an infinite health armor vs most enemies. As it is currently programmed, if the player refuels with 2 nightmare fuel (45 hp) of fuel (or any even number of fuel), then 1 large attack will properly take the cloak from 10% to 0%. This makes the item un-intuitive and punishes players for playing safe just because they don't know the bug that makes vortex cloak actually good. Having reported this bug though, I genuinely feel that this makes the item actually worthwhile to use where as the intended behavior of the armor makes it under-preform compared to nearly any comparable chest slot item (while the stagger immunity is cute, it's strictly better to carry night armor inside a krampus sack or piggyback and for stagger immunity use thulucite crown's bubble which is more than enough for any situation). Leaving your armor at 5% to maximize the blocks per nightmare fuel is a high risk high reward strategy; can you afford to refuel your cloak in the middle of frantic combat and run around with only 2 attacks worth of block after which you'll be completely vulnerable? 1 attack worth of block for the 1 fuel high risk strategy (if the item functioned as intended) just doesn't have enough reward for the risk. So this bug unintentionally makes the vortex cloak a fun, powerful, yet risky item to use that rewards the player for playing well. I hope that you consider programming in an intentional 1% "safety net" for the vortex cloak as part of the solution. Such that, regardless of damage received, so long as the cloak has more than 1% of durability when attacked, it will then be reduced to 1%, if the cloak has 1% then it will block and be set to 0%. Or if you prefer (since %s are what's just shown to the player)... if (attackDamageRecieved > cloakHp && cloakHp >0 && cloakHp !=1) then cloakHp = 1 elseif (cloakHp ==1) then cloakHp = 0 else (normal armor stuff)
  15. A super easy-to-do and fast item duplication bug exists now. It most likely has to do with the way followers are moved between shards. I posit that when the player is traveling from one shard to another with a follower, the code is creating a temporary variable to remember what the follower has, then deletes that follower in the first shard, then creates a copy of that follower in the second shard. This temporary variable is never cleared, so when the player travels from one world to another (i.e. SW to RoG) the code still sees that temporary variable and then creates a new copy of that follower, but when traveling between worlds it does not delete the previous follower therefore allowing for item duplication. After creating this temporary variable (with one trip to the caves or volcano) this will happen every single time you change worlds, you do not need to repeat the enter different shard step to repeatedly multiple items. Therefore, with just two loading screens you can double or triple (with chester) your items over and over again. I am fairly certain this is a temporary variable not being cleared problem because you can stop the duplication by save/exit/load and it will cease to duplicate. Here is a video of the bug being discovered by accident, afterwards we went on to figure out why and how to make it more efficient (with chester) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/443526397