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  1. To dog pile on this "Walter is good train" so the devs and others can see different opinions to a vocal minority crying for even more Walter buffs... I believe Walter is in an excellent spot. The problems that a lot of people point to when complaining about Walter is simply a lack of willingness to break out of "meta" plays. This is a very similar problem that people have with both Wormwood and Warly. Not every character needs to be played the same, for some, you need to adapt your play style and do things differently. Let's address the most common problems people point to: Sanity drain is too high! Use his pinetree pioneer hat and chest slot armor instead of forcing him to wear a football helmet or thulecite crown. Chest slot armors just aren't as popular as head slot armors, but that doesn't make them worse. In fact, given how he gains 3.3 sanity/minute while wearing thulecite suit, this is one of his best chest slot options, the sanity regen actually competes or exceeds that of wearing a tam on a normal character since he doesn't lose 5 sanity/minute during the evening and the night. He also excels at wearing funcap and belt of hunger. Belt of hunger is one of the items that actually raise Walter's sanity, which is nice, and combo'd with funcap Walter loses only 33.75 hunger per day or 45% of normal hunger lost by other characters. I find that I tend to eat far less often when I play Walter than when I play other characters since Walter can go a full 3.25 days without eating when he wears this full combo. Compare that to a normal hunger drain "meta" character who is running around with a backpack and tam, and they can only go 2 days without eating, meaning Walter takes over 50% longer to starve, has similar sanity recovery (if not better considering his lack of sanity drain), AND has 1 more inventory slot. It's actually pretty crazy and I highly recommend more people try out the combo or at least belt of hunger. Walter is also one of the safest characters to do a ruins rush with. With a log suit and his pinetree pioneer hat he loses a measly 9 sanity per hit from bishops, that's the less sanity than other characters lose in 2 minutes in the cave. Considering how long you'll be in the cave, he tends to lose far less sanity than your average character. He can also use his portable tent and any food (especially lichen when in the ruins) to recover both his health and sanity. Sleeping is another unpopular mechanic, but Walter can save a considerable amount of resources by simply sleeping and getting a quick drink or snack IRL. Slingshot is too weak! The slingshot is in a great place. It's already strong enough to solo bosses like Bee Queen, what more do people want from this? I'm genuinely confused. Rock ammo: rock ammo is a cheap but functional early game ammo. It can be used to kill butterflies (especially useful in laggy servers) and gobblers (without needing to slow down and bait them with a berry). It can be used for a super cheap way to befriend rock lobsters who are great allies against bosses like toadstool or even fuelweaver. It can also be used to quickly start a fight with koalaphants and volt goats during day/evening. This saves a ton of time and let's you bring back a lot of meat for your team. Gold ammo: cheapest ammo. Gold is super easy to farm, even easier on Walter who can use 1 gold to kill 10 birds and average 5 morsels which can then be turned into 5 gold thus profiting 4. The damage is high enough to kill birds and rabbits in one shot for quick bonus food and possible krampus spawns. It's also cheap enough to just be spammed in boss fights with teammates. 34 damage per shot may not seem like a lot, but coupled with his perk to not take aggro, Walter is continuously shooting in a team fight scenario and the damage adds up. Furthermore, it is particularly good at killing two generally annoying mobs; Ewecus and Tentacles. Ewecus is killed in 24 shots or 2.4 gold nuggets. Being mounted on Woby also prevents the snot attack making it an easy kill. Tentacle is killed in 15 shots or 1.5 gold nuggets - literally cannot hit you so free monster meat / spots / and tentacle spikes for you and your team. Marble ammo: time consuming but farmable ammo. Strong enough to solo bosses such as bee queen and klaus, but it can be safely farmed from the comfort of your base. Cursed ammo: cheap and strong ammo. His best mix of cost and damage for ammo. Worst case, against enemies too fast to be hit by the tentacles, it's just a cheaper marble shot. Best case, this weapon averages 85 damage an attack allowing Walter to, at a safe range, contribute more than dark sword levels of damage in a boss team fight scenario. Poop ammo: Difficult to use cheap ammo. Can be used for a short cooking session. Can also be used to interrupt a bishops ranged attack preventing it from attacking at all allowing Walter to free kill bishops with enough practice. An ammo with great potential that will likely find more uses over time as people experiment with it. Don't sleep on this one. Freeze ammo: My personal favorite ammo of his. Twice as powerful as an ice staff per shot, allowing you to one hit freeze mobs such as mac tusk, bishops, ancient guardian, hounds, slurpers, and all spiders just to name a few. This ammo can give you a ton of room to breath in otherwise dangerous situations. Oh, and you also get to casually carry 60 shots of this in a single inventory slot, or effectively 120 ice staff shots or 6 full ice staves. This ammo was massively buffed when the range was increased to 10, prior to that there were situations where the additional range of ice staff may have proved more useful. Slowdown ammo: Situational ammo that can effectively stunlock certain enemies and bosses allowing you to dispatch them from range with another shot much more effectively and safely. I feel that this round got the biggest buff by allowing slingshot attacks to be canceled, it makes it much safer to weave in and a sudden increase in enemy speed by miscounting the slowdown timer doesn't mean an auto forced dismount from Woby. Woby is bad for X reason! Woby is Walter's biggest upside. Big Woby: 10 speed in the early game is absurd, it costs just 1 monster meat for 6 minutes of maintained 10 speed. For reference, a player with a walking cane who is running on a road is only 9.75 speed. Building a highway system is expensive, and natural roads are extremely limiting and don't exist in the caves at all. Woby's speed and the time she stays transformed is in a great spot. She shouldn't compete with a fully tamed beefalo, that is a huge amount of time and work that a player needs to invest to tame one and they deserve a solid reward for doing it (though I'd be fine with beefalo being buffed, Klei please). Not to mention, nothing precludes Walter from also taming a beefalo later. Big Woby further allows Walter to use a piggyback from day 1 with virtually no downside, giving him either more of an inventory space advantage or more of a speed advantage over other characters. Small Woby: 9 extra and immortal inventory slots is pretty insane. If you die, you get to respawn with 9 inventory slots worth of items and bundles even if you choose to be respawned at a meat effigy. Her following you between the caves and surface is a huge deal too. That means no more juggling inventory out of hutch and into Chester after doing a lot of work in the caves. No accidentally leaving some item or armor in Chester when you popped down to the caves and got sidetracked. This is even crazier when you have bundle wraps. Walter can have up to 50 inventory of space to work with while being mobile on the surface. He doesn't do anything flashy and amazing! Walter has a slow but safe and consistent bee queen solo as mentioned earlier, but he's also the easiest fuelweaver rushing character in the game. Big Woby allows him to easily transport the suspicious marbles with basically no real investment. Shadow Knight level 3 can be killed for free while standing on a boat shooting 239 gold shots or 24 gold nuggets. Tentapillars can be shot a few times safely, then you back off and one shot the baby tentacles, then move in and get a few more shots in. Takes 23 shots for the tentapiller + some extra for the babies. Fuelweaver can be cheesed by placing 2 spider dens in front of him and shooting him from outside the arena. You don't even need a lazy explorer to exit the arena, simply mount Woby (who is outside) from the inside and you'll jump out and onto her. Takes 471 gold shots or 189 cursed shots (on average) or some mix there in. Remember that wires from the ruins each give you 5 gold nuggets so both bosses (FW and shadow knight) only require a measly 15 wires to kill. This is a dirt cheap and super safe FW rush that takes almost no skill and no rushing to pull off and could allow you to have both bone armor and bone helm around day 25-30 pretty consistently. Both items help Walter greatly (bone armor side steps his losing sanity from damage by preventing all damage and also prevents him from being knocked off Woby! and bone helm allows him to quickly recover sanity without sleeping or sanity foods while also allowing him to farm nightmare fuel), but they can also be given out to teammates to help them shine even more (such as Wickerbottom with bone helm being able to read as many books as she wishes with no glitches or downsides or speed bumps.) Other characters can certainly do similar things or even do it faster (we've seen pre day 20 FW kills from both Wolfgang and Wendy for example), but it's ease of pulling this off as Walter that really makes him stand out. TL;DR Walter is in a great spot, but people refuse to adapt and play new characters in a new way. The forums will trash any character the diverts from their rigidly defined "meta" of backpack only, football helmet or tam always, hambat only, pierogi only, etc. The only change that I would love for Klei to make is to change Woby so she doesn't run away from the player. It's just super annoying having to chase down big Woby, especially after a dismount and doubly especially after a dismount during a boss fight. Please Klei, make it happen.
  2. People don't "know this" because what you are stating is incorrect. You absolutely can and will overheat the first and last 2 days of summer. You are confusing overheating with wildfires. Wildfires will not happen for the first and last 2 days of summer because the world temperature on default settings will not be above 80 which is the minimum for them to occur. However, the world temperature will be above 70 which is enough to overheat the player.
  3. Ok, so people didn't like the blow dart method. This time I solo'd her using only the slingshot. Cursed rounds are probably cheaper even if the tentacles don't hit her, but people seem obsessed with marble rounds so I used those to get fewer complaints this time. The total cost to kill her is a paltry 45 marble (but bring a few extra for misses), 0.12 green gems (because we need 6 uses of a single pan flute, so you can probably use the same free pan flute for both bee queen and dragonfly in a world), any good light source (so moggles work, but for the sake of recording I used several stars so the viewer could see the fight and not have the moggles filter on, fewer stars would work but I used 6 total), and then a little food and monster meat. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKEgjuD4x-0
  4. Bee Queen solo'd with Watler with no cheese Lots of farming though, but given his gold rounds are so good at killing birds, it's farming that he's made for!
  5. As stated in my first post, this literally never matters. I also stated I never use a backpack and still have 93 full stacks of items worth of storage on my person at all times. Explain to me like I'm 5 what you are possibly carrying with all this extra space. That is almost 5 full pitchforks of turf that I can carry in my daily empty space inventory. Woby adds another 36 stacks on top of that. Are you legitimately going on trips for long enough to break 6 full pitchforks and bring back that much turf or some equivalent chore? Why would a veteran player ever sleep? Sleep is always a non-optimal use of time. You are complaining that a character is broken which would mean they are broken at high skill levels, not having a perk that is nice for new players but utterly useless to veterans. So can literally everyone else. Nightmare fuel is needed in bulk early game before you have the bone helm, so if anything this is actually a downside of his. If you are min/maxing the fun out of the game you want to be insane ASAP to farm fuel. Literally 100% of the time. One of the first projects I undertake in any world around the midgame is to build an extensive highway system on both the surface and the caves to get to all places of interest. You seem to be concerned with the insignificant boost he gets on day 1 which makes me think you likely aren't fully min/max utilizing the early game like you claim to be when you are saying you perfect kite everything. Let's compare try-hard day 1 strategies and you tell me how Walter keeps up with any of the other cast. Day 1-7: I explore the surface until I find a totally normal tree, bee queen, and dragonfly. I open any cave entrance I find along the way to just get it on the map. I then kill dragonfly and take the ruins gems with me to the caves. Day 8-12: I use my knowledge of cave gen to immediately go the blue mushtree biome, collect blue caps, then go straight to the ruins to kill AG and get a magi, star callers, 30 thul walls, and thul club (if I didn't get a lazy explorer from AG). Day 13-18: I prep for and kill bee queen and begin moving suspicious marbles to be ready for the shadow chess pieces on day 21. Day 19-20: I get my beef hat for winter and wait until 21 to fight shadow chess pieces. Depending on the luck of the world gen I use any extra time to prep a few more things or start setting up for toadstool. This is my general try-hard strategy and time line with all characters except Warly and Wormwood. Wolfgang does it the easiest and has extra time to spare (hence why we used him for the speed run) but any character can roughly follow this same plan. For me, I see that Walter immediately falls flat on step 3. He struggles immensely with an early bee queen. He takes nearly twice as much damage through beekeeper's hats as other survivors do (22 damage vs 12) and has a lower max hp meaning he has to heal extremely frequently if you do the fight perfectly, and any hit from a grumble is extremely bad. They go from doing 3 damage to 13 damage through armor. This is more than 4x as much damage and practically an entire blue cap to just heal a single grumbles attack. You're saying Woby is brokenly strong early game, and I'm just not seeing it. I would love for you to explain to me like I'm 5 why he or she is so strong and thus merits more debilitating downsides when I would list Walter as one of the bottom 3 worst characters in terms of min/max early game power level as well as having no upsides in the super late game. I merely listed those because someone is claiming a character is broken because of their skill. My argument was simply meant to highlight that there is always a bigger fish and that we should try to expand our scopes when looking at character balance to more than just our own set methods and ways of playing the game. I'm sorry if that didn't come across well. I took issue with op saying "Walter is broken because I am personally skilled enough to kite." So my counter argument was "as someone with even more experience which you seem to value, here is why I disagree and think it's fine to have a character who is balanced with new players in mind." As I stated in the bottom clarification: I like Walter and I'm having fun with him and he is fine.
  6. @jpmrocks I'm a streamer and YouTuber who plays DS/T full time. I have played the series over 8000 hours and currently have the world record for solo all bosses speed run. So, it goes without saying that I am fairly adept at kiting enemies and killing bosses solo. Having played Walter for over 16 hours since his launch already and being excited for him as a great character for new players to learn some different skills on, I have yet to find even a single redeeming trait for him in the actual late game when character change portal is available. This sucks because I am currently working on a script for his new character video but I truly can not find anything actually noteworthy for veteran players. Since you seem to think Walter is OP and needs a stronger downside, I genuinely would love for you to explain to me what this character actually does that is better than any other character or item that exists in the game already. As someone writing a guide for him and who may actually have the most played time in Don't Starve of anyone in the world, I really am seeing nothing in this character that would convince a min/maxer to play him. Upsides that don't matter to veteran players: Extra storage is nice... but we have krampus sacks and bundle wraps. Woby not losing her inventory when you die is nice... but I never die. Not losing sanity is nice... but tam exists and is one of the easiest to maintain items in the game. Bone helm also exists and can be used to go sane quickly if you double hit kite nightmares faster than they spawn. Not losing sanity to auras is nice... but bee queen crown exists and actually regains your sanity from these auras which is even better. Having a ride-able pet is nice... but rider beefalo are 25% faster with glossamer saddle. Having a ride-able pet in the cave is nice... but even with the recent buff, Woby is only 2% faster than a player with a cane and road. Slingshot is nice... but all it's attack are way lower dps than dark sword or hambat. 10 use portable fur roll is nice... but it's never time efficient to sleep when you know how to use your time well. Ice rounds for slingshot are honestly his best perk and sadly most people will probably ignore them. This is literally the only great and semi unique thing he has. It's freeze value is twice as powerful as an ice staff (so 1 slingshot will freeze bishops and mac tusk for instance compared to needing 2 from an ice staff) and you can store 60 shots in a single slot compared to only 20 ice staff shots if you have a brand new ice staff. Downsides that do matter to veteran players: Sanity lost when losing hp and draining when not at full hp. This adds up. I rarely ever play at full hp. So when I get hit by a cave in rock because I'm on the map, I just accept that damage until the next time I eat. I frequently allow myself to take starvation damage to get more value out of high healing foods like jerky or honey. I frequently allow myself to just soak freezing or overheating damage as jelly beans counter most of that damage and allow me to continue working on whatever chore I was doing. With Walter I can't do these things as they will tank my sanity at inopportune times. Tam is pointless. Tam is considered the default "meta" hat for a reason; it's stupid powerful sanity recovery coupled with an insane 25 day durability meaning you never have to worry about breaking it on accident when you're focused on another chore alongside the fact that is has no real competition as a default good hat (much like cane in the players hand slot). Outside of times of rain and summer when on the surface, tam is hat you wear 99% of the time to profit on sanity recovery because there is no other useful option that competes. Walter loses this, which means you then have to spend more time and effort recovering sanity after using magic items (like decon staff or moon/star callers staff). What can Walter do with his head slot? Since I never get hit, I don't bother carrying armor, so having an always on thul crown is pointless. In winter he can use beefalo hat which is a great hat, an summer he can use eyebrella. You can technically use eyebrella for rain but it's less efficient early spring than a rain coat and even then, it doesn't rain every day. You could say just use a miner's hat or moggles; but night is a small percentage of the day and in the uber late game you're likely running around with bundled glowberry mousse anyways so you just don't need those items. Does he just not wear a hat then and waste his head slot for 0 value? 110 max hunger. This might sound like a joke to medium skill players with only a few hundred hours in the game, but 110 max hunger is tiny - smallest in the entire game levels of tiny. This represents less than 12 minutes between needing to eat again. By being so tiny he also can't utilize the extremely food efficient meaty stew recipe to refill his belly for cheap when he's at a base near a crock pot and instead has to eat more expensive / less efficient recipes. Recipes like honey ham or bacon and eggs have great shelf lives and stats, but they are far less efficient hunger value wise than meaty stew and they take much longer to cook in the crock pot. Those are the kinds of meals you want to carry with you on a journey, not eat if you are just at base. With 110 max hunger he loses 40 of that hunger value and makes it very rarely the correct meal choice for him. So this downside is not only inconvenient for extreme late game players like myself, but also robs him of otherwise free food value and thus forces you the player to spend more time gathering materials for and cooking meals / making jerky / collecting honey. Inventory management. This isn't a downside so much as just pointing out that there is no upside to Woby's storage. In the very late game, I hardly ever even use a krampus sack because I never need the inventory space. I roll with 5 unwrapped items at all times leaving me 10 inventory slots to fill for 40 stacks of items (thanks to gift wraps) + 12 more slots for 48 stacks of items in shadow Chester when on the surface and 9 more slots for 36 more stacks of items in hutch in the caves. This is always far more than I ever need. Having yet another 36 potential stacks of items inside Woby would rarely every matter, you'd literally have to go out of your way to invent a chore long enough to need to collect that much turf or resource in one trip. Not to mention, if I do need more, I can just grab a krampus sack for 56 more stacks of items. So to sum it up, on the surface, including my unwrapped items, gift wraps, and chester's bone, I have access to 149 stacks of items at any given time. Woby buffing this to 184 or 23% more inventory is insignificant. While a new player may need help figuring out what to carry and what to leave behind, or being comfortable enough with the game to not need weapons or armor even on long trips, a veteran will never be able to usefully use all that space. Clarification: I am not saying Walter is bad or needs to be buffed. On the contrary, I think he is an excellent character for new players who are combat-averse to pick up and play with their other friends and he has some super safe farms that he can do to help the team all from the comfort and safety of the base while also having great upsides to encourage new players to be brave and explore the caves some and get familiar with the resources available therein. I am, in fact, having a lot of fun trying to play the game in a new way and trying to think up some very safe new player farm ideas unique to Walter to really make him shine as a teammate who does not require a ton of skill or time investment in the series. I am just genuinely asking OP to explain to me, a veteran of the series, why a min/maxer would ever pick this character over the other available options or characters who have far greater upsides and even less downsides than Walter (I'm looking at you Wickerbottom and Wolfgang).
  7. Three weeks ago I broke the world record unseeded ancient guardian kill here: Ancient Guardian One month ago I broke the world record unseeded dragonfly speed run with Warly here: Dragonfly Almost 10 months ago I set the first official all bosses speed run here: https://www.speedrun.com/do_not_starve_together/run/yv3okqez Not to mention several other random speed runs that games have just for fun like butter%. Just because you don't speed run it or care about it, doesn't mean there aren't people out there that do. Don't try to tell others how to have fun. You play your game the way to want to, and we'll play it the way we want to. It's a game. The only two ways to play DST wrong are if you aren't having fun or are creating so much lag that it crashes the server.
  8. With Walter coming soon and him having a shadow tentacle based range weapon, I figured now would be the time to repost this bug that didn't get noticed last year. In both single player and DST, Thulecite clubs will create a shadow tentacle which will only attack once and then idles for 8 seconds. Given how their file has an attack period coded in (same as tentacles), the fact that they only attack once in 9 seconds seems like a bug and essentially makes thulecite clubs unusable.
  9. I'm with Aru, what do you mean viable? Warly is one of the most powerful support characters in the game. Warly currently has the unseeded world record dragonfly solo speed run in just 19:03; he does not need help to beat raid bosses whatsoever: Not to mention, food is not the only way to heal. Honey poultices are extremely strong and farmable for Warly and any other character. Fur rolls and tents are sufficient for early ruins rushes. Thinking bosses or content is "harder" just because Warly has to play differently from other characters is trap mindset that ignores what can make a character special. This is entirely on you the player. Warly is fully able to solo any content in the game without any extreme hoops to jump through. He is not a new player friendly character for sure, but Warly is one of the top 2 or 3 support characters in the entire game. Outside of support, he's one of the strongest early-mid game characters because when it's not raining, he can cook 80% damage increases and when it is raining that's buffed to 3x damage allowing his damage to nearly match or even exceed Wolfgang's. Farm plots should be reworked entirely, this isn't just a Warly problem. Sadly, we may never get a rework so long as Wickerbottom remains as brokenly powerful as she currently is. No. His favorite recipe is something new because it helps him expand his palate and become a better chef. Having a single favorite would encourage people to primarily make that one recipe for the most value, no different than his possible play style with double meaty stews right now. He can already make a chef pouch day 1 and the item is just not worth making tbh. It's half as effective as an icebox and even smaller than a backpack. I disagree that trying to further force his downside would make Warly more interesting. It just further taxes the player's memory in an uninteresting way. You could still survive by just double eating meaty stew, then when your stomach is empty, triple eat meatballs and cycle through this with your proposed change. Literally nothing changes except the player has to remember which of the two meals they ate 20 minutes ago. As long as this was done with a character examination and not more information on the HUD. Like, examine your bacon and eggs and he says "I haven't eaten that in forever!" or "Yuck, I just had this yesterday." This would likely remove his existing examinations of food though, which are really cute and humanizing though... Ultimately, the difficulty to play Warly is just the price to use his immense powers. People wouldn't complain so much about him if other equally powerful characters (such as Wickerbottom) had similarly large and game play changing downsides to play around. The problem is not Warly. The problem is the unchecked power of a handful of characters with no relevant downsides but ridiculously huge upsides.
  10. Never seen this in 8000 hours so can't comment on that. Incorrect. Her honk has a cooldown. Now if you kite her perfectly without any extra down time, this happens to coincide with 3 regular attacks, but if you add in a delay by over kiting, then she can honk after two or even 1 attack. Incorrect. She has a 50% chance to enrage if the last lavae dies from time and 100% chance if the player killed it. Correct. You went far away and this triggered her to begin her despawn animation. She does not stop this just because you came back close. Working as intended. This is a cool feature because it means that the player can't disengage from the fight, heal up safely, and then come back in; it forces the player to heal or craft more armor in the heat of battle. Never experienced in 8000 hours so can't comment on this aside from that I've fought this boss many many times and never seen it. Partially correct. She leaves honey scattered around the ground but not necessarily on you. So it is normal that you got hit in a place that does not have honey. Honey is not her attack, it's just sloshing out of her randomly while she hits you with her stinger. Sometimes it lands under you sometimes it doesn't. Never experienced in 8000 hours so can't comment on this aside from that I've fought this boss many many times and never seen it. From my count, you posted 3 possible hitbox bugs which likely comes down to your personal computer or internet connection. The other "bugs" you encountered seem to be simple misunderstandings of boss mechanics. I hope this post helps you against these bosses in the future if your computer starts to cooperate and run the game smoothly.
  11. Vortex cloak is refueled by 5% for a single nightmarefuel, this represents 22.5 health of armor. Because of how armor works, no matter how much damage a player would take in a single hit, so long as armor has more than 0 health, it will block as if it had enough hp, so for vortex cloak, even with 22.5 hp it will block infinite damage once before going to 0%. However, if refueled by an odd number of nightmare fuel (leaving it with a decimal number) it will actually block 2 attacks regardless of how much damage the player receives, the first attack bringing it down to 1% (which is actually 0.5 hp) and the second clearing the decimal to actually 0 but will show -0%. This most likely has to do with a previously "fixed" bug where the vortex cloak would permanently get stuck at 1% (which was also it getting stuck at .5 hp in reality) but would never break as it didn't clear the decimal and thus was an infinite health armor vs most enemies. As it is currently programmed, if the player refuels with 2 nightmare fuel (45 hp) of fuel (or any even number of fuel), then 1 large attack will properly take the cloak from 10% to 0%. This makes the item un-intuitive and punishes players for playing safe just because they don't know the bug that makes vortex cloak actually good. Having reported this bug though, I genuinely feel that this makes the item actually worthwhile to use where as the intended behavior of the armor makes it under-preform compared to nearly any comparable chest slot item (while the stagger immunity is cute, it's strictly better to carry night armor inside a krampus sack or piggyback and for stagger immunity use thulucite crown's bubble which is more than enough for any situation). Leaving your armor at 5% to maximize the blocks per nightmare fuel is a high risk high reward strategy; can you afford to refuel your cloak in the middle of frantic combat and run around with only 2 attacks worth of block after which you'll be completely vulnerable? 1 attack worth of block for the 1 fuel high risk strategy (if the item functioned as intended) just doesn't have enough reward for the risk. So this bug unintentionally makes the vortex cloak a fun, powerful, yet risky item to use that rewards the player for playing well. I hope that you consider programming in an intentional 1% "safety net" for the vortex cloak as part of the solution. Such that, regardless of damage received, so long as the cloak has more than 1% of durability when attacked, it will then be reduced to 1%, if the cloak has 1% then it will block and be set to 0%. Or if you prefer (since %s are what's just shown to the player)... if (attackDamageRecieved > cloakHp && cloakHp >0 && cloakHp !=1) then cloakHp = 1 elseif (cloakHp ==1) then cloakHp = 0 else (normal armor stuff)
  12. A super easy-to-do and fast item duplication bug exists now. It most likely has to do with the way followers are moved between shards. I posit that when the player is traveling from one shard to another with a follower, the code is creating a temporary variable to remember what the follower has, then deletes that follower in the first shard, then creates a copy of that follower in the second shard. This temporary variable is never cleared, so when the player travels from one world to another (i.e. SW to RoG) the code still sees that temporary variable and then creates a new copy of that follower, but when traveling between worlds it does not delete the previous follower therefore allowing for item duplication. After creating this temporary variable (with one trip to the caves or volcano) this will happen every single time you change worlds, you do not need to repeat the enter different shard step to repeatedly multiple items. Therefore, with just two loading screens you can double or triple (with chester) your items over and over again. I am fairly certain this is a temporary variable not being cleared problem because you can stop the duplication by save/exit/load and it will cease to duplicate. Here is a video of the bug being discovered by accident, afterwards we went on to figure out why and how to make it more efficient (with chester) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/443526397
  13. In both single player and DST, Thulecite clubs will create a shadow tentacle which will only attack once and then idles for 8 seconds. Given how their file has an attack period coded in (same as tentacles), the fact that they only attack once in 9 seconds seems like a bug and essentially makes thulecite clubs unusable.
  14. Less than 3 hours. It was just an art world with a lot of console commands. Especially since toxic jungle turf can't be moved in the current state of the game. Literally the only way to get a nice red color turf for the minimap is to spawn that in via the console. Most of the time was spent learning how to work with the new black turf. See, what made the old untextured snakeskin turf so amazing was that it was the lowest priority turf in the game, so it made for super delicate and perfect outlines. The new beard rug is the exact opposite, the highest priority turf in the game. So I had to do my art backwards because honestly the black is too thick to work with as is. Here is a picture with the untextured snake skin turf. It's half the size of the new one: The letters in my name are the exact same pixel font I used for the thanks Jason message. But you can see how even barren turf has a higher priority over untextured snakeskin back in the day. It's going to take a lot of adjusting to adapt to the insanely high priority of the new turf. ...Unless Jason wants to change that.
  15. I don't think words alone can express my gratitude in you guys actually implementing this after all this time. It's a bit rough as it's past midnight where I am, but we made this for you on stream. Again, thanks to Jason (and any shadow coders) who helped make this black turf not just a distant memory from the times of untextured snakeskin rugs.