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  1. Less than 3 hours. It was just an art world with a lot of console commands. Especially since toxic jungle turf can't be moved in the current state of the game. Literally the only way to get a nice red color turf for the minimap is to spawn that in via the console. Most of the time was spent learning how to work with the new black turf. See, what made the old untextured snakeskin turf so amazing was that it was the lowest priority turf in the game, so it made for super delicate and perfect outlines. The new beard rug is the exact opposite, the highest priority turf in the game. So I had to do my art backwards because honestly the black is too thick to work with as is. Here is a picture with the untextured snake skin turf. It's half the size of the new one: The letters in my name are the exact same pixel font I used for the thanks Jason message. But you can see how even barren turf has a higher priority over untextured snakeskin back in the day. It's going to take a lot of adjusting to adapt to the insanely high priority of the new turf. ...Unless Jason wants to change that.
  2. I don't think words alone can express my gratitude in you guys actually implementing this after all this time. It's a bit rough as it's past midnight where I am, but we made this for you on stream. Again, thanks to Jason (and any shadow coders) who helped make this black turf not just a distant memory from the times of untextured snakeskin rugs.
  3. forge crashes constantly

    My wife and I are also having this same problem. A crash where the game fully closes about once or twice a match and each match has it close at different times in the match.
  4. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about fixing the durability crash with guards? Do they no longer use durability on their weapons?
  5. Mechanics function differently and do not use durability on their hammers so they don't cause this crash. However, mechanics in long games begin to drop hammers when they are spawned out of their home. My stream and I theorize that this has something to do with an inventory overflow issue. Basically, some event is causing them to create a new hammer when they leave their house, and in a long enough game this fills their inventory, so the new hammer is immediately dropped when they spawn. Further more, in games that go long, if you kill a mechanic who has survived since the beginning they will drop 14 or so hammers (I haven't seen more dropped yet, but that was only around day 50 that they begin to drop 14).
  6. If a guard lives long enough to attack 101 times it crashes the game. This presumably works with builders with how their hammers work. Will test that next. Clip included of the crash in action https://clips.twitch.tv/InexpensiveDoubtfulDaikonCurseLit
  7. It's pretty much a dead game for speed running. Seems like just one guy cares about it and I only submitted (twice) cause my viewers asked. Given how the run is entirely luck + a little world gen knowledge, unless the categories are changed I don't really see it picking up in popularity. My favorite suggestion to make it a bit more skill based was to make the category "world hop 3 times in a row on one save". Though likely not enough to save it by this point.
  8. Recently on stream, I destroyed the current world record for Best Ending Vanilla. We collected all 4 things and escaped in under 10 minutes. This run is mostly a dead run as there are only two runners (including myself) who sometimes check back in on this category. 9:42.56 World Record Run In light of this run, I feel like we need some rule changes. Presently, only Wilson runs can be submitted. However, in this run we never craft, we never eat, we never go insane, and we get hit once for trivial damage. Basically, character choice (in vanilla) does not matter. I feel like if it were opened up to any character more people would try. Also, given the insane luck needed for this, I really feel like some kind of multiple no reset run category should be the main run for DS. Rather than resetting and hoping for a god tier lucky world, it'd require consistently playing well and mitigate some of the luck. So something like 3 or more world hops in a single save file.That would also make splits more useful, a split for each full world hop rather than each thing. What, if any, rule changes or category additions would make this a more popular speedrun game for you to watch or run?
  9. [Game Update] - 238439

    Jason, Please do not "fix" snakeskin rugs. In this thread: You notice how the texture for rugs were not added. This has been a beloved feature for a year now. Please do not change it. Sincerely, the guy who made these with turf in game and snakeskin rugs were the MVP that inspired these projects and further turf art research (Full links: https://imgur.com/a/gAyUP , https://imgur.com/a/mpkZd ) (If you have to fix it can we make some other turf a clean black color on the mini map? I have an entire list of turf colors on the minimap and many of them don't look anything like they do in game and not great or usable in art. I'm totally willing to share notes and discuss this further.)
  10. http://imgur.com/a/mpkZd I've been working on some in-game art projects using turf. I was encouraged to share this here after a particularly long project (the third one in the link above.) Let me know what you think! Also Klei, please... Make red fungus turf a better red... D: (Also if anyone who has such a power to officially change that actually reads this and considers it, I would not mind consulting on better turf colors for the mini map display.) We have so many browns and greens, there's no need to make red fungus a dingy brown-red!