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  1. Beefalo bonded with a bell will run away at max speed from their owner when you dismount or get bucked off. This AI bug is so bad that many players are no longer using the bell as intended (to form a better and long lasting connection with a beefalo, a bond some may even call it). Instead, players are just using a bell on a beefalo before changing servers and as soon as they load in they break the bond. This also makes naming your beefalo pointless as they don't retain their name when the bond is broken (which is 99% of the time you use a beefalo with the current AI bug). If this is intended (that a bonded beefalo is virtually unusable and that we are supposed to break the bond before using it and simply use the bell to change servers), then please let us know!
  2. Nothing fancy like that. It does what it says on the tin "swaps your sanity and health." I.E You have 30 hp and 120 sanity, you eat the galette and you'll now have 125 hp and 31 sanity (as the recipe gives 1 hp and 5 sanity which get swapped).
  3. This is most likely the incorrect take away from this. The take away as a dev should be "why do so many players come to this same (incorrect) conclusion about meteor fields moving and or growing?" Because this is an incredibly long standing and wide spread rumor in DST, I doubt an entire week goes by without me being asked about it 10+ times by viewers who are newer to the game. I don't think the math behind it is entirely the issue, but there are some tweaks that could be made to it to help the player see the maximum range sooner. The math that the meteorshower component does, even with it's "fancy easing" to prevent most meteors from being clustered on the exact center, still leads to the vast majority of meteors landing 1/2 to 3/4ths of the radius away from the meteorspawners position. That means that the average player will not see a meteor land on it's maximum distance away from the spawner most likely until they see many showers. It's possible that this bias towards the center 3/4ths or closer is what made players erroneously believe that said half point is the maximum range, but with a max range of 15 tiles this would lead to players underselling the actual max point by nearly 4 entire tiles on average, which could lead to a very rude surprise. Suggestion for improvement on the math side of things, it really seems like the early devs were just scared of actually using circles back in the day. If you wanted a much more even distribution of meteors such that most are not falling near the spawner (which the existence of the fancy easing function and associated comment would indicate that that was the goal), you could have this just determine an angle and a distance. With an equally weighted angle from 0-360 for the degrees and an equally weighted distance 0-15 tiles you'd get a much cleaner even distribution of meteors. That said, I doubt just making a slightly better distribution of meteors would stop the rumors entirely. You'd be crossing into refresh territory at that point though, which may not be bad considering that meteor showers just create an unusable part of the map and lead to bad player experiences (based on feedback from this thread and many viewers over the years).
  4. Credit where credit is due: Klei had a fantastic 2020. DST improved as a game massively with a great year of patches and listening to feedback from a passionate fan base. But ending a big once a year event like this, randomly, on a Wednesday night (or Thursday morning depending where you live) with no forewarning is indefensibly bad. I don't anticipate Klei can or will do anything about this issue this time around, but I sincerely hope they get enough constructive feedback about this that going forward they give us more solid dates for when an update is ending. Heck, I even feel a bit cheated by the sudden ending if I'm completely honest. You went so far as to create a rewards link with the address "wintersfeast2020" which is set to expire on January 17th, and that was solidly announced ahead of time (in the original post announcing the start of winter's feast), but given the links name, it felt like that would also be when winter's feast 2020 would end. The quick rug pull feels bad. I understand that Klei does not like giving hard dates for when things will start, as delays can happen, but an end date and time is something that is fully under your control, it shouldn't be a surprise. Please reconsider the policy that lead to this sudden event ending going forward.
  5. We looked into both this and hosting official servers in the year leading up to us finally deleting the unseeded category. Mods have the same problem as the base code - they're completely open and easy to edit. A mod might make it slightly harder than simply changing 1 line of code as you need to change the mod too, but it's still not much that you'd have to change. Even if you made the mod super complex and tried obfuscating things or tried using email verification, a copycat mod could be made to look exactly the same and just send out the OK signals without doing any of the checks. A mod to "verify" a dst speedrun would be like a lock on a glass door. It'd help keep honest runners honest, but it wouldn't stop the ones who really want to get inside; it's just security theater sadly. When mods get shot down most discussions on runs went right over to official hosted servers that way we know the files probably are safe (they could be hacked of course, but that'd be way harder than just opening a text file on your own computer). The only two active runners (myself and Binary who started running after the board reset) from SRC are in Japan, so if we hosted just 1 server would it be over here? What about all the English speaking community that would have 300+ ping to play on a server in Japan? So we'd have to host multiple servers around the world? That raises the cost and work a lot to maintain and run X amount of servers. A cost being paid for... sadly, basically no one given that we've only seen fewer than 10 different runners submit to DST on SRC in the past 5 years. I know that has to sound super pessimistic, but we looked into things for a year before finally removing the category. Solutions were either too expensive, too restrictive, or ineffective. DST is not the only speedrun having these issues though, many games and even famous runners have been caught cheating in one way or another. Minecraft is in the middle of one now actually. Basically, people are realizing that there are many ways to cheat runs for an advantage and that some people care so much about having their name on a board on a random website enough that they'd work hard to cheat to get it. Not to mention, even if there were a magic bullet solution to ensure runs could not be cheated, we still have the issue of frequent updates. No one is going to do a current patch Bee Queen speedrun vs old runs where Wolfgang could walk on water and just face tank her. Wendy is good, but she isn't glitched Wolfgang good. Unless Klei wants to be awesome and set up a system where we could down patch (similar to how 7 days to die does it where on the beta tabs you can opt into any of the old builds) then it's probably best to just wait out the updates until we have a more stable version of the game. We'll revisit the issues when DST reaches a stable final version if there are any runner's still interested. For the time being though, I'm still doing for fun unseeded (funseeded?) runs and just not submitting them to SRC. That's not a great answer for everyone, as many people want recognition. I just have fun doing random runs so I don't care if my name is on a board.
  6. I'm the mod of that board so I can answer a few questions here: The board was cleared due to cheating. It's a long story, but basically check here for a bit more context as well as PeterA stating that there was really nothing Klei could do due to the open nature of DS/T's code. Long story short: the unseeded (random world gen) category had to be entirely scrapped thus all unseeded runs were removed as the category no longer exists. In their place we created new seeded categories a few months ago, so only runs submitted since October-ish are on the board and that's why it looks barren. Personally, I tried to get on board with the changes that were forced on us, but I don't have any interest in seeded runs. I submitted a few to make the board less empty and help encourage another runner, but it's just not a category for me. I enjoyed rolling into a random world and hoping that this would be an awesome world gen and we could use it to its fullest. I just don't get the same satisfaction hunting for a good seed with map reveal, then memorizing the map and going through the motions to see if my key inputs are mechanically better than last time so I can shave off a second or two from the run. This category was not carried over after the wipe as it only had a single run submission in the nearly 5 years since DST came out (and that run was from me btw). Due to a massive lack of interest in the category, combined with the fact that the run is a minimum of 10 hours long with no breaks allowed due to recording restrictions and Klei is actively adding new bosses to the game thus any old runs would have to be removed when a new boss is added anyways... Yeah, too many problems with this category. Maybe when DST stops getting frequent updates we'll revisit it if any active runner's request it. For unseeded, that was a problem. SRC is only accepting seeded runs now though, which removes all the RNG from a run and moves the RNG into good seed hunting. So it's trading one random problem for another. Personally, I enjoyed unseeded runs. There is luck in the world gen RNG, but you have to be skilled enough to utilize a good world gen and adapt to the resources and biomes that you find. It is true that a lot of my time was spent rerolling bad world gens though, so DS/T has never been a speedrun for everyone. --- Oh and quick edit. Another likely reason that DST is unpopular to run is due to Klei patching bugs and exploits that many previous runs existed. Essentially each new patch that most of the player base is excited for, speedrunners are disappointed and old runs have to be deleted. It feels awful to invest time into a speedrun just to get a good time, and then suddenly your effort is wasted as a certain bug or exploit is patched and your run has to be deleted since there is no down patching in DST. For example in my (and the only ever submitted) all boss category run (posted in 2019)m it would have to be deleted and disqualified for several reason: 2 new bosses have been added to the game and I used a glitch on chesspieces to automatically finish the statues without having to move the suspicious marbles which has since been patched. This was a run I spent a 4-5 months training for (as remember, it is a 10 hour long endurance run first and foremost) and all that effort just gets deleted as patches continue to roll out. So yeah, DST is currently a feels bad kind of speedrun. Maybe it'll pick up when Klei is done patching it constantly.
  7. I got pinged into this. I think bunnymen needed the loot drop nerf they received. There are still several reason to use bunnymen. They are great against certain bosses (like bee queen) and don't require character specific strategies. They are great at auto farming spiders for free resources. They are great at auto killing bats at cave entrances letting you base closer to caves without a constant annoyance. They are also great in multiplayer because they will always be there when you show up to farm them (unlike pigs where if someone farmed them 2 days ago you may be wasting your time walking to an empty farm). Pigmen give equivalent loot for far less effort, for sure, but bunnymen have their own advantages; bunnymen are just no longer the perfect farm for all characters and generally a perfect solution for all problems in all situations and game stages. I maintain that the cost of their house should be lowered to compensate for them dropping 3/16ths of the carrots they previously dropped. You shouldn't have to do the new crop farming if you want to build bunnymen at an efficient rate (even if new crop farming is super fast and easy) basically no other farm requires you to do an entirely unrelated farm to expand it. Imagine if you had to go ocean fishing to expand your pig farm - It just feels weird and unconnected. 6 carrots would mean the farm would (on average) create carrots and bunnypuffs are the exact right ratio to expand your farm with no real excess of either. Anywhere from 5-8 carrots would feel right and good arguments could be made for any one of those price points. Also, remember that lowering the cost of hutches also means you get fewer carrots when hammering them down; while I know most people are unconcerned with speedruns and rushes, each bunny hutch hammered down is a meatballs worth of food in the current game (12.5 x 5), meaning they are frequently hammered just for food and boards during specific rushes. So lowering the cost is not even a strict buff as many might initially think. But at this point I feel like I'm derailing things. Bunnymen are still good, both as a food source and as combat allies. The nerf made them a lot weaker for sure, but that was the point. Bunnymen were the perfect late game farm before and no single farm should be that oppressively strong that it makes every other solution for problems feel suboptimal by comparison.
  8. This would just be undoing a completely and well deserved nerf. Civil wars are convenient, but outside of the early game or new players, are entirely a moot point when it comes to what made pre nerf bunnymen op. You'd have to also remove catapult farms and oven designs. They dropped way too much loot before, as mentioned previously, When you were expanding a bunnyfarm before, by the time you earned 4 rabbit puffs on average (16 bunnymen) you'd have earned 32 carrots. That gave you the 10 for a new hutch and an addition and frankly absurd 22 carrots of pure profit or 275 hunger of bonus uncooked food. No one wants bunnymen to dominate the meta (as they previously did), the original poster is just suggesting to rebalance the cost of their structures to be more in line with their new (and totally deserved) nerfed drop rate. In the beta branch, killing 16 rabbits for the 4 bunny puffs now will only give 6 carrots on average. This flips the script and makes carrots the more limiting resource and leaves you with excess bunny puffs. Dropping the cost to 6 carrots per hutch would still be a massive nerf as you're net gaining 0 carrots (compared to the previous 22). This just makes it more reasonable to self multiply a rabbit farm just as you can do with any other competitive farm. New crop farming is also great, but it just seems odd that just bunnymen require an entirely different type of farm to efficiently expand it.
  9. As said before, they require twice the farming to get the same profit and the fighting skills are far below the curve of other existing methods to deal with the same problems. Change the cost of hutches to be on par with other existing options.
  10. But then why is it ok for Pigs to multiply from just doing pig stuff + basic resources? (and also multiplying more than twice as fast) Why is it ok for crops to multiply by just doing crop stuff + basic resources? Why is it ok for bee farms to multiply (to a limit) from just doing bee stuff? (To a limit as you can only get so many honeycombs until being reliant on bee queen and Klaus for more) Why is it ok for merm houses to multiply by just doing merm stuff + basic resources? Rhetorical questions aside, each other competitive and existing farm can also self replicate while utilizing what you have and feeding in basic resources. It just seems weird that in order to kill bunnymen you also have to pick up a hoe and get your hands dirty in a different way. Lowering the cost of hutches to 6 carrots would mean that you'd get carrots and bunny puffs at roughly the correct average rate to multiply your farm while giving you 0 carrots profit while doing this farm, you'd only be getting the 0.375 meat per bunny during the process of building it up. That's a lot of time spent farming for very little output until you are done. This also means that hammering down houses would only give 3 carrots now, so this wouldn't impact the initial cost to relocate hutches. If the devs wanted them to be more lined up with how pig houses work, then they could lower the cost to 5, meaning you'd still get 3 carrots from hammering so you'd technically be getting more carrots than needed initially to build; exactly how pig houses take 3 cut stone to make and you get 2 for hammering them giving you a slight profit in cut stones when you are building your initial farm. I'd just like to see them be in line with other farms, I guess it's just a difference in opinions.
  11. I honestly see no reason in bunny farms post nerf. As a mega baser they just seem like a waste of space mathematically speaking - at least for me. For reference this is my current bunny farm: That's 100 hutches needing 1,000 carrots. Even if you give me the first 20 for free from hammering existing ones, 800 carrots needed to expand it would mean killing 2,133 bunnymen on average. Compare this to an equivalently sized pig farm where you'd only have to kill 320 pigs on average to grow the same next extra 80 houses. That's what we're looking at: the cost to expand large farms. 320 pigs vs 2,133 bunnies. That is a ridiculous amount of extra time farming - 6.66x as much! Factor in to that that carrots spoil so you're also paying the cost to bundle and unbundle carrots during the process of expansion making it even more expensive. Even if you can farm bunnymen 4x faster, it takes 6.66x longer to expand the farm, and given that farm size tends to snowball, this means you'll get to an end game finalized pig farm well over twice as fast for a fraction of the work. No one is saying that their drop rate nerf was undeserved. But the most likely unintentional price hike on just building the hutches was. Even if you believe they are strictly better than pigs or any other farm in a vacuum, are they really, in their new beta state, 6.66x better?
  12. Many alternative auto farms exist for these, with the price of bunny hutches going up over 5x, people will simply opt for the other solutions. Bunnymen absolutely needed to be nerfed, but the cost of their houses shouldn't be nerfed to this degree (and was likely an unintentional oversight by the devs). Why is that time not spent filling bundles? Take the extra time that you have and farm crops. This gives you more veggies and meats than beta branch bunny farms and is likely less time consuming.
  13. You are discounting the existence of pig head torches around touchstones and in the swamp in order to skew the math in favor of start up costs of bunny farms vs pig farms. If you want crockpot dishes like pierogi you would use pig or goat farms and the new farming system which has radically higher yields than bunnyfarms and requires less time as proven in the previous comments. Again, you are using deceptive word choice in an attempt to prove a false point. If you want to spend 400% more time farming for 50% more reward then sure, go for bunnymen farms. Another way to word that, if you want your time spent farming to be worth 2.6x more meat results, build a pig farm. This is true, if you want to spend 4x the amount of time farming for 1.5x the reward then bunnymen are worth it, but it ignores how investing the extra time into nearly any other type of farm would yield more rewards. This then goes on to ignore how bunny farms are now also tediously time consuming to expand ultimately meaning that people who do want to invest in a bunny farm will just multiply it using green gems because the carrot price is too high in a world where they now drop 3/16ths of the carrots that they previously dropped. Bunnymen are still worse than catapults, tentacles, merms, and ovens. Factor in now how bunny hutches are more expensive (given that they drop 3/16ths of the carrots they previously dropped) and why would you invest the time in a slower and more expensive farm when quicker and cheaper to set up competitive options exist? I'd say the nerf to the cost impacts them most in this regard. No one is asking for them to be buffed as a food source, just that the devs remember that by changing their drop table from 2 carrots each to 0.375 carrots, suddenly the cost of a hutch has skyrocketed nearly 5x over.
  14. Bunnymen do not give double the meat, If you actually farm them every single night they give 50% more meat, please refer to the example provided in my previous post for clarification. Bunnymen respawning faster is a moot point. They take 400% of the effort of a pig farm for 150% of the loot. That is not a fair pay out rate considering how much more difficult a bunny hutch is to make in the beta branch. Though this math is mostly to show that if the two farms are even comparable, why are bunny hutches significantly more expensive to make now? Not only does a pig farm provide nearly as much meat for a fraction of the effort, but they are far easier to multiply and expand your farm without having to do an entirely different and unrelated farm in order to build them; they simply take basic resources and pig skins.
  15. Correct, so you have to farm bunnymen twice as often, thus using twice as much time to get as much meat from them as from pigs. You could take the time that you save and invest that into crops which will have a much higher return than a few carrots from bunnymen and thus net significantly more food. Given that time is the most valuable resource in the game, coupled with the fact that pig skin is far more useful than bunny puffs, pigmen are at a clear and overwhelming advantage, so thank you for agreeing with his point. --- To help hammer the point home, let's actually write out all the math over a 20 day period and see the differences here. For this example, despite pig houses being cheaper and easier to multiply (given the carrot expense in the beta branch now), let's say that you have the same number of houses: 10. Over this 20 day period, you'll be able to farm pigs 5 times, including one full moon harvest. So you'll have farmed 40 pigs and 10 werepigs. On average, this will provide you with 30 meat and 10 pig skins from the pigs and 20 meat and 10 pig skins from the werepigs for a grand total of 50 meat and 20 pigskins in a 20 day period. This only requires visiting the farm 5 times total, thus giving you well over 15 days and nights to do any other chores or to run other farms. Over this same 20 day period, you'd be able to farm your bunnymen 20 times. So you'll have farmed 200 bunnymen. On average, this will provide 75 meat, 75 carrots, and 50 bunny puffs. This requires visiting the farm every single night and thus locking you into your base giving you very little time to run other farms, let alone actually leave your base. If you want to save time and get the same amount of meat as the same sized pig farm (50 meat), you will need to run the farm 14 times, giving you a measly 6 free days compared to the 15 free days with the pig farm. If you value carrots exactly as much as meat and simply want raw hunger values, you will still need to run your bunny farm 9 times to average the same food value, nearly twice as often and that is on the condition you actually value carrots as highly as you do meat. I can confidently say that the carrots from bunnymen is near meaningless at this point given how cost effective, quick to set up, and profitable the new crop farming system is. A single whirlijig gives 4 tiles to farm on and allows 10 crops per tile. For that small price you could grow 40 carrots every 2-4 days on the current system, let's conservatively say that you harvest them only 5 times, this means you'd have 200 carrots from just a single set whirljig while putting near 0 effort into tending your crops as you shoot for just the second worst result (1 crop and 1 seed being very easy to hit with little to no care given to the crops). Thus the measly 75 you could get from bunnymen is insignificant and you have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of meat as pigmen. (That doesn't even take into account how awful carrots are to grow, you could get far more food in both autumn and winter using pumpkins/potatoes/garlic). In no way can beta power level bunny farms be compared to pig farms. They are twice as time consuming for the same meat result, and the other products it produces are far less valuable than the pig skins and time saved from a pig farm.