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This should be considered a exploit.

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I want to first say that I know this kind of mod is used and is popular for taking large base screenshots and I'm sorry but.. I'm asking that it be available server side only. The reason why is it gives a unfair advantage when it comes to finding the ruins or locating a base, sea stacks etc. Personally don't think FOV this high should be allowed client side. I'm able to see the full pseudo station and 3 biomes all together. Please consider Klei thank you.


Also since a bug was fixed a few weeks ago that  allowed an exploit for client side map reveal(which was in the game for years). I think these 2 exploits are almost interchangeable. Feed back is always welcome. :afro:





Steps to Reproduce

Observer Camera is a good mod to show just how broken FOV is clientside.

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20 hours ago, Bird Up said:

why close with no comment

Because its not feasible to regulate the clients camera from the server.

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