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  1. An alternative way of cooling your thermal stone that I don't see many people use. termalshtone.mp4
  2. Ty for the image could you also get the animated version as well? I really enjoy this menu back ground.
  3. same is happening with catcoons not spawning after being killed and idk it just feels like way less catcoon dens in general from what im use to.
  4. This happened to me also after I mistyped the steam authentication and have been unable to claim rewards or sign in at all. Hope this gets looked at.
  5. As the title says I'm no longer able to repair boats with patches/twigs/logs etc. boat patches work but only to repair a leak it doesn't heal the boat you also don't use the boat patch. This also seems to be an issue when repairing suspicious marble.
  6. It was good for summer rain and charging WX.
  7. My previous post was pretty low effort on my end. This has better screenshots and actual code which is more straight to the point.
  8. Type in console Local local c=TheCamera; c.zoomstep=10; c.mindist=10; c.maxdist=180; c.mindistpitch=90; c.maxdistpitch=90; c.distance=80; c.distancetarget=80; c.fov=170; To return camera to normal use. TheCamera:SetDefault() Ty for fixing this bug
  9. I want to first say that I know this kind of mod is used and is popular for taking large base screenshots and I'm sorry but.. I'm asking that it be available server side only. The reason why is it gives a unfair advantage when it comes to finding the ruins or locating a base, sea stacks etc. Personally don't think FOV this high should be allowed client side. I'm able to see the full pseudo station and 3 biomes all together. Please consider Klei thank you. Also since a bug was fixed a few weeks ago that allowed an exploit for client side map reveal(which was in the game for years). I think these 2 exploits are almost interchangeable. Feed back is always welcome.
  10. This makes Wes even more OP please nerf.
  11. Build the thulecite walls one more grid placement off the carpets. That should fix it.
  12. will we ever get increased resolution on other items in game?