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Suspicious Dirt Piles Do Not Respawn Without Server Reset

Swanky Psammead
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After a hunt has been completed in DST, Suspicious Dirt Piles do not seem to ever respawn unless

a) the server is shut down and restarted, or

b) the mob spawned by the hunt (koalefant/ewecus/varg) is killed.

This causes problems in, for instance, a long play session in which the goal is to spawn numerous koalefants for a megabase zoo, or when attempting to spawn a single varg/koalefant after a ewecus has spawned first when the player is unable or unwilling to take the time to recruit allies to dispatch the ewecus safely. Restarting the server is an effective but annoying workaround, so while this is sort of a low priority bug I hope it's on Klei's radar. I do not know whether or not this bug affects dedicated servers.

Steps to Reproduce
1) complete a hunt 2) do not kill the animal at the end of the hunt 3) observe that no new Suspicious Dirt Piles ever appear--not even many, many seasons later (use c_gonext("dirtpile") to confirm that it's not just you being bad at finding tracks) 4) restart server OR kill the animal 5) observe that now, new Suspicious Dirt Piles appear within 2 days (use c_gonext("dirtpile") to confirm they are reappearing)
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User Feedback

Reporting this was probably not a good idea. From your examples, B is the intended behavior. You're not supposed to be able to go on another hunt until you've killed the mob from the last one. A is actually the bug here, and is likely what will get fixed if it's considered high enough priority.

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hmmmm i had this issue too. but actually only one time. and it was when i placed a gobbler shrine and some other event buildings with creative mode. i coudnt find any dirtpile. ive also used console gonext to find but nothing. after server restart there were new dirtpiles. ive destroyed then all event buildings which i made with creative mode and then i had never this issue again. no idea if its really cause i did this but yea it was like that...

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