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Still occassionally getting stuck "Generating World" when making huge worlds with caves on 64 bit version.

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Tried to generate a world after the cave server hotfix.

Still it occassionally gets stuck pernamently at "Server Generating World.."

Granted it doesn't crash anymore but still gets stuck.

As per usual i made sure :

Game is verified , no mods , anti virus / firewall exceptions , ran as admin.

If it's not a game bug and something on my end then i have no clue what could possibly cause it.

Any help would be appreciated.

For now if i want a new world i have to generate it on the 32 bit version for it to work properly.

Steps to Reproduce

-Generate huge world with caves on 64 bit version

Get pernamently stuck "Generating World.."

server_log (Master).txt server_log (Caves).txt

User Feedback

Hey, I'm a bit late but I've been having the same problem and I finally figured out how to fix it:
Go to steam, right click on DST, go to local files, click browse local files, delete the "bin64" folder, go back to the local files section on steam, and verify game files
Also don't worry, this won't delete your worlds or any other important data, those are stored in other folders, this will just give you a fresh install of the 64bit version
Hope this works for you

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