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  1. So this idea popped up in my head a while ago and I just wanted to share it here. There are a lot of people who would love to play with mods on console, but can't. So here's what I had in mind - Klei could port mods from the workshop, bundle them into little expansion packs (let's say 5-10 mods per pack) and put them as DLC in the console stores. There could be quality of life modpacks (Global Positions, Geometric Placement, Night and Dusk OST, etc.) There could be content packs including mods such as Cherry Island, Uncompromising mode, maybe even Reforged or Re-Gorge-itated so console players finally get the chance to experience them. There could also be character packs with mods like Whemy, Weston or Wilton. Of course these modpacks would be free, with all credit given to the original creators. I don't know all the technical stuff about how DST works and all, so I don't even know if all this would be possible. Anyways, let me know what you guys think about this, just putting this out there.
  2. This is awesome, love the new Ancient Guardian. But I really, REALLY hate the new crafting ui, first of all it looks way too complicated for new players, second, how will it work on controller? Please, PLEASE give us an option to switch back to the old one, I beg you.
  3. Hey, I'm a bit late but I've been having the same problem and I finally figured out how to fix it: Go to steam, right click on DST, go to local files, click browse local files, delete the "bin64" folder, go back to the local files section on steam, and verify game files Also don't worry, this won't delete your worlds or any other important data, those are stored in other folders, this will just give you a fresh install of the 64bit version Hope this works for you