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Slurpers and Fireflies cannot be drawn on Mini Signs.

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I've always really loved all the little quirks of Mini Signs, and it's a little strange to me that these suddenly aren't possible to draw. They have an inventory icon, and can be carried in your inventory (in your head slot, in the case of a Slurper), so it feels like they perfectly fit the criteria of being able to be drawn on a Mini Sign.


Steps to Reproduce
Drop fireflies/a slurper near a Mini Sign, then try to draw them with a feather pencil
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User Feedback

I remember being able to draw Fireflies on minisigns. Tried it now and it didn't work. Don't know what happened to that. 

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You can't draw anything that can be caught by a bug net like living bees, killer bees, mosquitos, butterflies as well.

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