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Serious BUG, Instant DROWNING when boarding Boat!

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if a structure build on a boat, and whenever a player is jumping into the boat

if the landing point on a boat has a structure/block, for my case is ocuvigil

player will no get on the boat but instant DROWNING

I've been drowning for three times at Pearl's island

and return to mainland with nothing in winter completely no choice but THROW the game because such bug!

please fix this...


stucture is seriously unfun because of its path blocking on a boat

especially they are so important to have

like crockpot, firepit, ice flingo, lightning rod and etc

Steps to Reproduce

1. build a structure/ocuvigil on boat


2. jump into boat, land point is on the ocvuvigil


3. you get instant drown, and drop everything, if not drown, try more landing point

User Feedback

I think I experienced this myself today. I don't recall if there was a structure blocking the way or anything, but I tried to jump onto the boat and instantly drowned instead. Fortunately, I washed up right next to it.

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I've always hated this, but like jantonio said, it is most likely not a bug. the best way to avoid it is simply by placing your structures away from the edges of the raft. this has once happened to me because of a walrus camp in the way.

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