Screen Flickers

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So, my screen flickers when I'm placing ground, and when I'm diging.

I've made a quick video that shows that :

Don't Starve 12.30.2017 -

That never happened before.

I'm playing on PC but with an xbox one controler.

PC specs:

GTX 1060


Steps to Reproduce
Just happening

User Feedback

On 2.01.2018 at 8:39 PM, PeterA said:

Does this occur for you with all your client mods disabled?

How dumb of me, I didn't try that before. I disabled all of my mods and yes, not happening anymore. But like I said, it never happened before. It was probably caused by an update of mod or something. Thanks for suggesting that, I wouldn't try it, because I'm used to play with mods.

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