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[RE-REPORT] Moon Caller's Staff Drops Nightmare Fuel when Deconstructed

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This is much different from your usual report, but it's something that's been bugging me for a long while and I'd just like to get a confirmation on whether or not this is intentional as it seemingly goes against other parts of the game's lore.


The Moon Caller's staff drops nightmare fuel when deconstructed. I report this because from what we see in other parts of the game Nightmare magic and Lunar magic go against each other, with the whole Lunar Grotto Shadow war where Greater Gestalts will completely anhillate shadow creatures and the very essence they are made of meaning no nightmare fuel drops at all with this lunar force attacking it, and regular gestalts being scared of nightmare objects such as the night light and other similar items. Yet the Moon Caller's staff drops nightmare fuel, despite being blasted with some intense lunar energy in the first place to transform it and yet seemingly the nightmare magic of the staff stays intact.

Is this intentional?


Steps to Reproduce

1. Deconstruct the Moon Caller's staff
2. wtf waiter there is nightmare magic in my lunar staff

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User Feedback

Yeah, it's kind of weird.

Another thing that has bothered me for a long time is that since the QOL update in March, the Moondial which is made by moonrock and water structure that counts as "shadow magic"? I put it here, hoping developers can see it.

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