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[RE-REPORT] Crab King plays boss music at all times for clients

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Copy paste of what @Hornete wrote:

local function PushMusic(inst)
    if ThePlayer == nil or (inst.sg and inst.sg:HasStateTag("inert")) then
        inst._playingmusic = false
    elseif ThePlayer:IsNear(inst, inst._playingmusic and 40 or 20) then
        inst._playingmusic = true
        ThePlayer:PushEvent("triggeredevent", { name = "crabking" })
    elseif inst._playingmusic and not ThePlayer:IsNear(inst, 50) then
        inst._playingmusic = false

I believe Crab King should only be playing music when he is "activated", however the sg checks here fail as the stategraph is not on the client side.

Perhaps a solution could be checking for the "hostile" tag instead as that tag is added and removed when the Crab King fight is activated and disabled.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go into a world as a client
2. Go to Crab King
3. Notice music plays even though it should only play when the fight is activated.

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