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Nothing in the ruin!

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No damaged Clockworks, no thulecite statues, even no Ancient guardian.

I'm playing alone btw (no chance of someone clean up the ruin ahead).






Steps to Reproduce

The world is made before the Forgotten Knowledge update.

I entered the ruin after the latest hotfix 437027. 

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User Feedback

hmm, my world was created 5 months ago, after that it was retrofitted, and i still have everything in my ruins.

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This also happened in a world I was playing in with a friend. The ruins and everything connected to it was totally empty. Also there were graves around the ancient guardian's place, and I don't think I've seen that before. We'd just made the world right after the Forgotten Knowledge update, so it wasn't a retrofitting thing. He was the host, so I don't have any file to upload, but maybe he'll add it later.



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