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No Statues Generated in Ruins

herding dog
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Like the title says - no statues generated in the ruins, everything is just empty. No statues, clockworks, monkeys (I believe) or depths worms. Just the broken down thulecite walls. Let me know what info I need to send to be more helpful.

Steps to Reproduce

I just noticed it while in the ruins. Not sure if it's possible to reproduce, but I can send world seeds if needed.

User Feedback


I believe the issue may be due to the DoTaskInTime in the world gen ruins respawner failing to run?

local function MakeRuinsRespawnerWorldGen(obj, onrespawnfn, data)
	local function worldgenfn()
		local inst = MakeFn(obj, onrespawnfn, data)()


        inst.resetruins = true
		inst:DoTaskInTime(0, tryspawn)

		return inst

	return Prefab(obj.."_spawner", worldgenfn, nil, { obj })

I've been able to reproduce the issue 2/4 times by generating a new world, waiting for the "Done cave map gen" print in the log and then cancelling the launching of the server. I believe there is a small time frame where the DoTaskInTime is not run and the entity becomes the new prefab (obj.."_ruinsrespawner_inst"), causing the issue of seemingly no generation of any ruins entities/mobs. I know the ruins spawner entities are able to spawn in the first place because past users have been able to solve their issue with the empty ruins by pushing the "resetruins" event to TheWorld.

Perhaps the SetPrefabName call should be in the dotaskintime? So that it doesn't become the new prefab without the task having run first.

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On 4/8/2022 at 2:42 PM, ScottHansen said:

could you please attach the master and cave server_log.txt file for the server?

@ScottHansen - I apologize, I'm a goof and did not keep track of this bug submission. I ended up regenerating the world with the same seeds and everything in the caves generated properly. My apologies for losing track of this and just responding today.

I saw @Hornete had mentioned he was able to reproduce the bug by cancelling the launching of the server. It is possible I may have canceled the server launch because I forgot to adjust something in the world settings, which could have ultimately caused the issue.

Just to be clear: I'm all set and am not experiencing any bugs on my end related to this issue (looks to be a one time thing possibly caused by me). Thanks for your prompt response.

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@herding dog Thank you for bring this back to my attention. It had slipped off my radar.

@Hornete I think that would be enough for the world gen, but there appears to be a save/load window on any ruins reset where it will the respawners would also fail.

I'll get fixed up for the next hotfix.

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