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  1. If you don't find any clockwork bishop around for the purple gem, you can try grave-digging before going into the ruins. There is actually a good chance that you get either one purple gem or a red+ blue one as far as I've tried.
  2. What is in common between a psycho serial killer and an ordinary game player? Collecting skins. (I like the willow merrymaker set although I seldom play with her. I'm a bit down because not all characters have both merrymaker + snowfallen skins. I like the gothic chest and they really mix well with Victoria skins. I'm a bit let down by the game community in my region because many people were nagging about how the siesta lean-to and queen crown didn't have a skin yet when they actually get skins in the same pack nobody seems to be talking about them, weird. I think they're cool and deserve more attention. )
  3. When it's nighttime and the crowkids come and sit near the campfire, as soon as they sit down my character's movement cannot be controlled and connection with server is lost. Besides, progress of that day is not saved. I've tried several times moving location of the campfire and always produced the same bug. The mods I installed are: HealthInfo/ Global positions/epic healthbar/ sea2land fork. So I'm not sure if it's mod problem.
  4. I think most lines here and in the file describe the habits of crows and how ppl view them in real life, like they get chased away a lot because ppl think they’re ominous, and they steal things, so they’re surprised when they don’t have to steal. They’re connected to death and evil beings in many lores that’s why they’d find Wortox familiar. Also, Corvus is the Latin for crows but it is likely to be a name for someone here too. p.s. imma put a friendly scarecrow near the cawnival site to see if anything happens. Edit:so I set up a friendly scarecrow on the cawnival site and put a campfire near it. When night came, some crow kids sat by the fire(and therefore the scarecrow)and the game crashed.
  5. *monkiesh silhouette * *loading boats with houndius shootius* (it means we should put more houndius shootius on board and sit among them wearing a beequeen crown with the new skin haha)
  6. Tall birds are iconic The Constant creature IMO and they're special for not making sense at all. Letting them make new nests would be convenient but I'm fine if they can't make any. You don't expect accidents to follow patterns that can be understood and utilised.
  7. Oh, thanks a lot. I thought it was changed but I didn't know the two recipes were at different places.
  8. The Malbatross did not drop the blueprint for feathery canvas upon death.
  9. I understand some players don’t like randomness, but it nevertheless gives me the frustrated feeling of ppl not getting your best jokes:/ (To have the alarm-clock, I usually just dig graves, if no bishop around. Pretty high chance you get a purple gem or a red+ blue one.Still, it’s chancy. )
  10. I noticed that while some characters have both Merry Maker &Snow Fallen skins, some other characters only have Merry Maker OR Snow Fallen, it seems that no more such collections are to be added, but I wish there were more.
  11. Me be like: *game requires pressing more than two keys at the same time* *faint*
  12. I would give everything to the D-fly if she's tameable.