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Incorrect type of chat font in russian language

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When I write a message in Russian, it is displayed crookedly. It's not possible to read my messages and messages from other players.


Steps to Reproduce
I installed the Don't Starve Together from Steam on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit, laptop Samsung R519, Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz × 2, 3.8Gb RAM, GeForce GT219M(G105M/PCIe/SSE2) with Nvidia 340.101 driver.

User Feedback

I have same issue on Xubuntu 17.10. All files are validated, no errors. Russian lang pack no longer helps. This mod is dead!

Try to copypaste "Съешь ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей же чаю" several times.

Снимок экрана_2017-11-21_08-31-08.png

Снимок экрана_2017-11-21_08-33-12.png

For some reason, first short messages sometimes displayed correctly.

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You may want to try using the font package attached to this message.

It works-around a similar looking issue I have with Japanese (and Chinese) characters.

If developers are reading this:

Attached font package changes the font.tex and font.fnt files in fallback_full_outline_packed.zip such that there are multiple copies of each character, one copy in each channel (same coordinates).

The "messed up" rendering is really rendering a portion of (correct) texture at correct coordinates but from wrong channel. With the modification above, regardless of the channel selected by the code - correct character is rendered.

And one more detail that may help you finding this bug: Whenever there is a non-japanese character included in a string (or likely any character from any font using chnl="15") , font rendering is messed up. If there are only japanese characters, in some places in UI stuff renders correctly. Then again, in some places it's always broken (see attached screenshot).



Screenshot from 2018-09-28 15-26-41.png

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