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Improper Deerclops Hit Range

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(This might apply to other giants, I just noticed it first on Deerclops. I assume it's something to do with AoE attacks).

When Deerclops hits an entity in his AoE range (6), the attack's range gets extended to other stuff outside of it. Otherwise, it behaves normally.

Note: The tag "debugnoattack" has no effect on this, just used it to switch aggro to Wilson.
There are no server mods active besides the one displaying his hit range, and it does not make any changes to his hit range.

Video demonstration:

Let me know if any additional information is required!

Steps to Reproduce

Have a entity between you and deerclops, that entity being within his range and you outside of it.

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User Feedback

I noticed the same thing several times. 

When it happened to me it looked even funkier because I was behind deerclops and it still extended range

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